"5 à 7" to promote the Earth Day

As part of Earth Day celebrations, Les Fleurons de Chelsea invites you to a 5 to 7 held on April 21st at Chelsea Library, 100 Old Chelsea Rd.                     

During this gathering, we will make the official announcement of the results that Chelsea got at the evaluation done by experts of Les Fleurons du Quebec, at the end of last summer, on the embellishment of Chelsea territory. 

We will also do the inauguration of the new Seed Swap project. If you want to contribute to this project, you are invited to bring some seeds to give away, at this event. This project will be self-managed. While coming to the library, you will just have to bring your seeds and follow the instructions posted on the Seed Swap box!

April 21st event is a way to promote the Earth Day!

Non-alcoholic beverages will be served.