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April 28, 2023

Strategic plan


The Municipality of Chelsea is developing a strategic plan for 2023–2026. Although this plan will be implemented over a three-year period, it is part of a longer-term approach with a vision up to 2040.

Following the in-person public consultation, the Municipality is now making available to residents a survey that will allow us to better understand your concerns and your vision for the future of the municipality.



You have until the April 28 to participate


How does it work?

To participate, you need to create an account using your email address, Voilà account or Facebook account (depending on your preference). The consultation is divided into four themes: demographics, current situation, vision and ideas. We invite you to have your say on each of these themes.


Submit your idea

Cocoriko is a public consultation platform designed right here in Chelsea. It allows you to answer questions and proposals, but also to submit your own proposal. To do so, you just have to click on the "Create a proposal" button. The Municipality will then validate whether your proposal is in line with the subject and with the code of conduct. Once approved, your proposal will be submitted to the residents' vote.





This plan will help the Municipality and Municipal Council acquire the tools to achieve our vision. It will also help us identify our objectives and develop guiding principles and strategic directions for future projects.

Developed in conjunction with Municipal Council, the administration, and the residents, the strategic plan is a rigorous process of analysis and consultation. To assist in this process, the Municipality has mandated the firm Karmadharma.

If you have any questions, please contact chelsea@karmadharma.


Start of the process
Diagnostic portrait
Consultations with employees and Municipal Council
Strategic framework
Citizen consultations
Action plan
Finalization of the strategic plan
Presentation to the public

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