Hydro-Québec lot

Acquisition of 14 lots from Hydro-Québec

The Municipal Council unanimously adopted the acquisition of 14 lots from Hydro-Québec for a total amount of $47,426 plus taxes. These lots with a total surface area of 1,893,925.30 m2 are located on the banks of the Gatineau River between Peter's Point Road and the northern border of the municipality's territory.

Approached by Hydro-Québec, the Municipality expressed interest in purchasing lots with the primary goal of providing public access to the Gatineau River. After an in-depth analysis of each lot offered, it was decided to purchase 14 of them.


This initiative will allow us to :

  • Provide safe public access to the river and take advantage of its benefits
  • Carry out surveys and municipal work when required to ensure the stabilization and adequate drainage of the new community trail
  • Respect the ownership of private docks