Updated on June 1st at 5:00 p.m.

Latest news

Gradual reopening plan of the Chelsea Municipal Library

June 1st - The Municipality is proud to announce its plan to gradually reopen the municipal library in two phases. Details. 

Gradual reopening of public libraries as of May 29th

May 22 - Only document lending services will be available. Access to shelves and to common areas will continue to be prohibited. The Municipality will share more details in the coming days. Read the government's announcement.

Providing Broader Public Use of NCC Assets

May 22 - As of Friday, May 22, 2020, at 9 am, most parking lots located on NCC urban lands, Greenbelt and Gatineau Park will be open to the public, wherever possible. Details.

Outdoor gatherings allowed under certain conditions

May 21 - The Quebec government has announced that outdoor gatherings of 10 people from up to three households will be allowed as of tomorrow, under certain conditions. Details.

UMQ Presents Declaration of Solidarity Between Montreal and Quebec Regions

May 14 - "It’s not a question of Montreal and the rest of Quebec. United we stand, region to region, should to shoulder, totally interdependent at every level. [...] Recovering from this unprecedented disaster can only be done if we are one, united Quebec." Details.

Face covering highly recommended in public

May 13 - Wearing a face covering in public is recommended when physical distancing is not possible. Details.

Local Reopening of Gatineau Park Tomorrow

May 8 - Only residents of municipalities bordering Gatineau Park will be allowed to access it. The municipalities concerned are Chelsea, Gatineau, La Pêche and Pontiac. Details.

Update on COVID-19 for the Outaouais region

May 4 - The CISSS de l'Outaouais would like to inform the population that screening tests for Covid-19 are currently underway at the Gatineau Hospital. Details.

Gatineau Park

May 1st - The NCC will reopen local access to Gatineau Park for users who can access the Park on foot or by bike, beginning Saturday, May 9, 2020. Details.

Plan to gradually reopen the regions

April 29 - Reopening of borders in the Outaouais on May 11, with the exception of traffic between the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau. Details.

Gradual reopening of economic activities

April 28 - The government announced the gradual reopening of various sectors and businesses. Details.

Quebec presents its plan for a gradual return to school

April 27 - The plan calls for a gradual return to preschool and elemantary school, starting with areas outside the Montréal metropolitan community. Details.

Update on COVID-19 for the Outaouais area

April 24 - The count of confirmed cases in the Outaouais area now stands at 229 cases. In addition, the number of people who have recovered stands at 128 in the Outaouais region. Details.

Hunting and fishing season

April 23 - The Public Security Service would like to remind everyone of an important message already transmitted by the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs du Québec intended for fishermen and hunters who will be travelling during COVID-19. Details.

Update on COVID-19 for the Outaouais area

April 20 - The count of confirmed cases in the Outaouais area now stands at 214 cases. Details.

First decease from COVID-19 in the Outaouais area

April 18 - The CISSS de l’Outaouais regrets to announce today the first Covid-19 related death in the area. Details.

Cancellation of Chelsea days and postponement of Sunday Bike Day

April 15 - Due to the preventive measures put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, the Municipality of Chelsea is under the obligation to cancel the Chelsea Days event that was scheduled for June 6 and 7. Details.

Québec expands its list of essential services and commercial activities

April 14 - These now include suicide prevention services, the service for victims of domestic violence and food banks. Details.

Aide-mémoire des mesures du gouvernement du Québec

April 14 - (French only) Le gouvernement partage un aide-mémoire des principales mesures mises en place depuis le début de la pandémie. En savoir plus.

Le ministre Mathieu Lacombe annonce 60 000$ pour 21 organismes communautaires dans la circonscription de Papineau.

April 11 - (French only) Le Grenier des Collines est l'un des organismes soutenus par cette initiative afin de les soutenir dans le contexte de la pandémie. Détails.

Covid-19 Community Emergency Fund : Nearly $204,000 donated

April 9 - On Thursday, March 26, Centraide Outaouais launched an appeal for solidarity in the form of help for community agencies whose needs are more urgent than ever in these times of crisis. Details.

Cancellation of interest and penalties on outstanding tax account balances

April 8 - At the regular Council meeting on April 7, 2020, Council unanimously decided to cancel interest and penalties on outstanding tax account balances. Details.

I support Chelsea businesses

April 6 - The Municipality of Chelsea is launching a campaign to encourage residents to support Chelsea businesses by buying locally in these tougher times. Details.

Quebec on pause until May 4

April 5 - Le premier ministre du Québec, François Legault, a annoncé dimanche la prolongation de la fermeture de toutes les entreprises et de tous les commerces non essentiels jusqu’au 4 mai prochain. Lire plus (French only).

Update on COVID-19 in the Outaouais area

April 2 - The CISSS de l’Outaouais informs that the count of confirmed cases in the area now stands at 75 cases. Details.

Travel between regions

April 2 - The Government of Quebec has published a Q&A on travel between regions. Details.

Checkpoints: Press release from the Warden of the Mrc des Collines-de-l'Outaouais

April 2 - The MRC Council of Mayors agrees with this decree. Details.

Update on COVID-19 for the Outaouais area

April 1st - The CISSS de l’Outaouais informs that the count of confirmed cases in the area now stands at 64 cases. Details.

Update on COVID-19 for the Outaouais area

March 31 - The CISSS de l'Outaouais announces that the count of confirmed cases in the area now stands at 50 cases. Details.

Press release from the warden of the MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais

March 31 - Ithus ask residents of the MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais
(MRC) to stay at home and respect social distancing measures in the face of the COVID-19 emergency. Details.

Update on COVID-19 in the Outaouais area

March 30 - The CISSS de l’Outaouais confirms today 38 cases of COVID-19. Some of these cases are in the rural area. Details.

Update on COVID-19 in the Outaouais area

March 27 - Two Hull hospital employees diagnosed with COVID-19. Details.

Update on COVID-19 for the Outaouais area

March 25 - The CISSS de l’Outaouais confirms today 13 cases of COVID-19. Details.

Closure of modules and playgrounds

March 24 - The Municipality of Chelsea announces the closure of modules and playgrounds located in all parks on the Chelsea territory. Details.

Update on COVID-19 for the Outaouais area

March 24 - The CISSS de l’Outaouais confirms today 12 cases of COVID-19 in the urban areas of the region. For each case, the Public health department is conducting rigorous investigations in order to establish every contact they’ve had. Details.

Access to Gatineau Park Temporarily Closed

March 23 - In light of updated Province of Quebec public health advisories, the National Capital Commission (NCC) is temporarily closing Gatineau Park at 9 pm on Monday, March 23, 2020. Details.

Le point sur le COVID-19 en Outaouais

March 22 - (French only) Le CISSS de l’Outaouais confirme aujourd’hui 8 cas de la Covid-19 dans la région en secteur urbain. La direction de la Santé publique amorce, pour chacun des cas, des enquêtes rigoureuses afin d’établir les contacts de chacune de ces personnes. Détails.

Low-risk contact with a COVID-19 case at the Meredith Centre Arena

March 21 - The Public Health Department confirms that all of those who attended the Meredith Centre at the dates indicated are at low risk of having contracted the virus. Details.

Update from the CISSS

March 20 - The CISSS de l’Outaouais informs the population that a person from the Gatineau area has been screened in Ontario with a positive result. Details.

Postponement or cancellation of public consultations

March 20 - The ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation, Andrée Laforest, is asking all municipalities to cancel or postpone all forms of consultation. Details.

First case in the Outaouais

March 18 - The CISSS of the Outaouais informs the population of a first case of Covid-19 in the region. The infected person has travelled. The person came to one of the facilities and took all the necessary precautions. Read more. 

Closure of the administrative services of the Public Security Service

17 mars - As of now, the Public Security Service is closing, for an indefinite period, its administrative services offered to citizens showing up in person. Read more.

Closing of municipal buildings until further notice

March 16: the Municipality of Chelsea informs its residents that all municipal buildings are closed to the public until further notice. It includes the town hall, the public library, the community centres and the Meredith Centre. Details.

Update from the CISSO on the situation in the Outaouais

March 15: No cases have been reported yet in the Outaouais.
Read the press release

Quebec limits the capacity of public places

March 15: In its most recent press conference, the Government of Quebec limits the capacity of public places.  The Municipality will provide an update on its offices, library and community centres tomorrow.

Health emergency

March 14: The Government of Quebec declares a health emergency for a period of 10 days. More information (French only).

Closure of municipal offices

March 13: As a precautionary measure, the Municipality of Chelsea is closing municipal offices and the library until further notice. All non-essential activities are cancelled for the moment. The situation will be re-evaluated on Monday, March 16. Read the press release.

School closure

March 13: Quebec announces the closure of schools, CEGEPs and universities for two weeks. Know more.


A screening clinic and a preclinical evaluation are open in Gatineau. Anyone who thinks they may have COVID-19 is invited to call 819 644-4545 or 1 877 644-4545 to make an appointment.

We invite all residents to keep abreast of the situation by keeping themselves informed through the various official sources.


A Word from the Mayor

May 29 - The summer season has arrived like a balm over the difficulties of the last few weeks we've been living. With the warm temperatures and the progressive reopening, a certain sort of normality is slowly taking hold, but we must remain cautious. The virus is still there. Read more.

The Municipality has closed public access to all its municipal buildings. However, municipal employees continue to work either by telework or at Town Hall.

  • Town Hall
  • Municipal Library
  • Community Centres 
  • Meredith Centre
  • Modules and playgrounds
  • Sports fields


These buildings are closed until further notice, in accordance with the directives issued by the Government of Quebec. 

The Municipality has closed public access to all its municipal buildings. However, municipal employees continue to work either by telework or at Town Hall. All departments continue to offer their services by adapting to the new measures. We invite you to consult the question/answer prepared below for more information.

Des Collines SENIORS'S Roundtable


The mission of Des Collines Seniors' roundtable is to support and/or develop initiatives that meet the needs and interests of seniors in the MRC des Collines in their daily lives. 

The current coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is a particular and unusual reality. It can affect seniors both physically and psychologically. Indeed, in such a context, many people will experience stress, anxiety and depression.

They are calling for the mobilization of EVERYBODY to make known their telephone number to reach as many seniors in vulnerable situations as possible. 

1855-662-4637 ext. 244

Several resources exist in the MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais if you need help. 

Do not hesitate to ask for help in these uncertain times. Someone knowledgeable and trained will be able to address your needs and concerns at the end of the line.

Provincial ressources


If you have questions about your health :

  • COVID-19 : 819-644-4545
  • Info-Santé and Info-social : 811


If you need help with food: 

  • Grenier des Collines : 819-457-1010


If you are a senior in need of support

  • Table autonome des aînés des Collines: 1-855-662-4637


If you need the help of a volunteer : 

  • Table de développement social des Collines-de-l'Outaouais : 1-877-770-2435 poste 223 or 
  • Centre d'Action bénévole de Gatineau : 819 568-0747 or


If you need psychological support : 

  • Tel-aide : 819-775-3223
  • Tel-jeunes: 1-800-263-2266
  • Distress Center: 613-238-3311


If you are a victim of domestic violence:

  • SOS violence conjugale : 1 800 363-9010
  • Maison Libère-Elles : 819 827-4044

The MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais is putting in place a structure in order to answer questions from the citizens as to the application of the relevant COVID-19 Ministerial Orders. This service will allow us to direct the citizens to the appropriate resources, without monopolizing our emergency lines with regards to:

  • reporting a gathering of individuals who do not respect the required social distancing ;
  • reporting a business establishment not respecting the government’s guidelines ;
  • reporting of an individual not respecting the mandatory isolation ;
  • questions related to territorial issues, according to Ministerial Order: 2020-013 of the Minister of Health and Social Services dated April 1, 2020. | 819-459-2422 ext. 3277

The person assigned to the Info COVID-19 line will answer non-urgent questions. Should the line be busy, please leave a vocal message, including your contact information, and someone will call you back as soon as possible. Should your call be urgent, dial 9-1-1.


Following the announcements issued by the Government of Québec concerning COVID-19, the Municipality wishes to inform you that we are closely monitoring the situation. The ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation (MAMH) has prepared a guide to support the municipal community and the Municipality has an Emergency Measures Plan that includes strategies in case of pandemics.

The MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais and its municipalities are currently working together to ensure open communication and take necessary measures.


Frequently asked questions

The Municipality has closed public access to all its municipal buildings. However, municipal employees continue to work either by telework or at Town Hall. All departments continue to offer their services by adapting to the new measures.


A second ministerial by-law was adopted on April 27th amending several provisions in force concerning municipalities, in particular with regard to meetings, sessions of council and assemblies of members or the holding of a secret ballot . 

Meetings, sittings or assemblies of members may be held by any means that permits members to communicate immediately with each other.

In addition, meetings to be held in public must be publicized as soon as possible by any means that allows the public to know the substance of the discussions among the participants and the result of the deliberations of the members. Municipalities can meet this requirement in a number of ways, for example:

  • An audio recording;
  • An audio-visual recording;
  • Detailed minutes.

Visit the Council Meetings page for details on upcoming meetings.



Yes. Council decided to cancel interest and penalties on outstanding tax account balances. The cancellation applies for the period extending from March 13 to July 1, 2020. Should the situation persist, council will assess other options for easing the tax burden for residents. Details.

Cancellation of interest and penalties does not apply for transfer duties. 

You can make your tax account payment online at your banking institution. You must select the Chelsea taxes supplier and add your registration number.

The other way is to make the payment by sending a cheque to the Municipality of Chelsea by mail or by depositing it in the mailbox at the visitors' entrance of Town Hall.  



Municipal committee scheduled for April were cancelled. Since the beginning of May, meetings of certain committees are held by videconference. Visit our committee page for details. 

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MAMH) is asking all municipalities to cancel or postpone all forms of consultation that they must hold and that require the presence of citizens, such as public consultation meetings, referendums or record keeping. These measures are intended to minimize the risks of spreading COVID-19 that could result from holding a public meeting attended by a significant number of people.

To find out if this decision has an impact on your active application with the Municipality of Chelsea, please contact Caroline Jean, Coordinator, at 819 827-1124 ext. 255 or at .

All public consultations related to the revision of the Chelsea Master Plan will take place as planned, but adapted to web platforms.

For more information, visit this special MAMH website.

Garbage, recycling and compost collections are maintained according to the usual schedules for each sector.

The directive to limit outings also applies to residual materials: citizens must keep their returnable containers at home and postpone travel to ecocentres and other drop-off points.

In order to protect the workers who continue to provide the waste collection service, we ask all residents to respect the following instructions:

  • Soiled tissues, masks, wipes and gloves must be placed in closed bags and then in the garbage bin.
  • The handles of all bins must be disinfected before and after collections.

The workers in charge of collecting residual materials take the necessary measures to ensure their safety and to maintain this essential service. However, we ask for everyone's cooperation.

These guidelines may evolve and be updated in the coming days.

Public Works remains open to take requests. You can contact them by phone at 819-827-1160 or by e-mail at


Yes, we are only accepting permit applications online submitted at the following email address:


Since the employees of the Urban Planning and Sustainable Development Department work from home, here are the new procedures adapted to the current situation:

  • Until further notice, we are only accepting permit applications online submitted at the following email address:;
  • Please include all the relevant documentation in PDF form (11X17 maximum size for construction plan). Incomplete applications will be rejected;
  • The application fees are now required to be paid by check through mail. It is also possible to leave the check in a drop box, located just left of townhall’s main entrance, on the side of the main parking lot. The payment must be made to the Municipality of Chelsea. No cash, credit card or debit payments will be accepted;
  • In certain cases, we will inform you of the amount due subsequently;
  • No permit application will be processed before its payment has been received;
  • Once issued, we will forward you the permit and all the important documentation by email;
  • The processing time remains unchanged.


For more information, we invite you to contact us via email at

Please note that we do not receive application over the phone.



Yes, the Municipality of Chelsea's drinking water maintains exemplary water quality by complying with the requirements of the provincial standards of the Drinking Water Quality Regulation. Our expert operating firm ensures daily operations at the plants and in the system while performing the necessary microbiological analyses to ensure water quality compliance at all times.


No. The water sample collection service is cancelled until further notice.  

As of May 5, the Library offers you the possibility to borrow up to 25 documents in security with a contactless document loan service.


For the moment, the activities are cancelled. 

The parks are always accessible, however, the modules and playgrounds are preventively closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition, the soccer fields, basketball and baseball fields and the skatepark are closed. Access to the community toy play chests and neighborhood book exchange boxes is also prohibited.

The Municipality applies the government-issued rule regarding public service employees. Municipal employees returning from a trip outside the country will be in confinement and will telework for a period of 14 days.

We invite residents to consult the self-care guide put online by the Government of Quebec. This guide is intended to help each person make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Anyone who thinks they may have COVID-19 is invited to call 819 644-4545 or 1 877 644-4545 to make an appointment.

Stay tuned for updates by checking this page regularly. You can also subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the home page and follow us on Facebook.

In addition, we invite residents to keep informed of the measures issued by both levels of government by consulting their official websites.   

We invite you to visit the Transcollines website to be informed of any changes.


General preventive measures

  • Wash your hands often with warm running water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  • Keep a distance of two metres at all times and wear a face cover or mask in public places where physical distance is not possible.
  • Observe good hygiene when coughing or sneezing and cover your mouth and nose with your arm to reduce the spread of germs.
  • If you use a tissue, dispose of it as soon as possible and wash your hands afterward.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Reduce your exposure to crowded places.
  • Stay at home if you are sick.