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Cloth Diapers for Babies

The Municipality of Chelsea, through its Fonds vert program, offers an incentive for the purchase of cloth diapers to families who wish to use this alternative to disposable diapers.


Cloth diapers offer ecological and economical advantages. The amount of disposable diapers used for one child until potty training is estimated at 1 ton. In Quebec alone, this means that 600 million disposable diapers are sent to the landfill every year.

Cloth diapers allow us to reduce this amount of waste, especially since they are made to adjust as the child grows and can be used for several children. Moreover, there are many cloth diaper manufacturers that are from Quebec, which encourages local purchases. In total, cloth diapers allow savings of over $1000 per child.

This pilot project ends on December 31, 2022, or until the budget is exhausted.

Second hand diapers are also eligible to the program, with proof of purchase (photos of the second hand diaper sale announcement and payment transaction).

To be eligible to the program:

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Chelsea, with proof of residency;
  • The applicant must commit to using cloth diapers for the entire period that the child is in diapers OR to give the cloth diapers to another family;
  • One grant is given per family;
  • Cloth diapers must be purchased between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2022, with proof of purchase;
  • New and second hand cloth diapers are eligible to the program;
  • Disposable diapers are not eligible for the program.

Grants are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis until available funds are exhausted, until December 31, 2022.

The incentive for the purchase of cloth diapers program offers a 50% reimbursement of the bill up to a maximum of $200.

To apply, you must fill out the form below and send your complete application by email to or by mail to the attention of the Environment and Sustainable Development Advisor at 100 Old Chelsea Road, Chelsea, Qc J9B 1C1.



We are aware that cloth diapers are not suitable for all babies. If it is impossible for you to use this alternative for the entire time your child is in diapers, we encourage you to give your diapers to a family who can use them in turn. The textile industry being a major source of greenhouse gases, this will make the ecological role of cloth diapers even more profitable.