Fire Brigade


Charles Ethier, Fire Chief

Natalie Chartrand, Executive Secretary


John Pomeroy, Captain

Sonny Léveillée, Captain

Kevin Labelle, Captain

Jonathan Léveillée, Captain

Benoit Demers, Lieutenant

Patrick Barbary, Lieutenant

Jonathan Léveillée, Lieutenant

Jean-Marc Bertrand, Lieutenant

Maxime Patry-Parisien, Lieutenant

Guillaume Massebeuf-Poulin , Lieutenant

Jean-Yves Dionne, Lieutenant

Karen Léveillée, Louis-Georges Gaulin, François Gignac, Vincent Martine-Forget, Marc-Antoine Martin-Desmarais, Dana Périard, Brian Middlemiss, Geoffrey White, Jessica Connolly, Stéphane am Rhyn, Gérard Laliberté, Marc-Antoine Poissant, Marianne Dion, Olivier Mineault, Trevor Bergh, Sébastien Redmond, Antoine am Rhyn, Jessy Lirette-Massé, Frédéric Melanson, Dominic Morin, Pier-Olivier Gingras, Stéphan Tremblay, Christophe Lamontagne, Mathieu Hull, Vincent Vysniauskas, Charles-André Legault, François Swanson, Robin Gagné, Vincent Lareau, Jean Cloutier, Jasmin Whissell, Thomas Markhauser, Philippe Bergeron, Austin Upper, Benjamin Ratté, Olivier Thibeault.



The Chelsea Fire Department is currently not recruiting. Potential candidates who wish to join our team are invited to submit a spontaneous application.

Here is a brief overview of the conditions for admission to the Fire Department:


  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Hold a valid Quebec driver's license and class 4A;
  • Hold a valid first aid and CPR card;
  • Be bilingual, French-English;
  • Reside in Chelsea or within the maximum accepted limits (a maximum of 8 km from one of the three stations);
  • Being able to work in a team during emergency and stress situations;
  • Successfully complete the hiring process implemented by the Fire Department (example: written exam, physical exam, etc.)
  • Have the “Pompier 1” certificate or commit to and successfully complete theoretical and practical training (provincial and municipal requirement) in order to obtain the “Pompier 1” certificate (306 hours);
  • Be willing to respond to emergency calls during the day, evening, night and weekends and reach the minimum required.
  • Attend the practices organized by the Fire Department and reach the minimum required;
  • Be willing to follow any other training deemed necessary by the Department;

Candidates may send a current copy of their resume to:

Natalie Chartrand, Executive Secretary for the Chelsea Fire Department by email to or by mail to the following address:

100 Old Chelsea Road, Chelsea, Québec, J9B 1C1.


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