From June 1st to 30, let's prove to be active in Chelsea!


The municipality will take part in the Community Better Challenge between June 1st and 30, 2022. Are you ready to show the rest of Canada that Chelsea is the most active municipality?

By winning the challenge, we could win a $100,000 prize to fund local physical activity initiatives!


How does it work?

During the month of the challenge, track every active minute via the Participaction mobile App or website.

You can also track the minutes of a family member! 

Please note that the Municipality is not registered as a team. You can either create your own team or count your minutes individually.

Is your school or organization organizing an event related to physical activity? Great, register it too so we can earn even more points!

Application: To track your minutes via the application, look for the shoe symbol with a +.




Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life Department