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The next meeting of the Public Works and Infrastructure Advisory Committee meeting will be held virtually via the Microsoft Teams digital platform.

The public is invited to attend the live question period starting at 8:30 a.m.

To participate in the question period, simply click on the link identified below and follow the connection instructions.


Next meeting: May 17, 2024

Meeting ID: 264 225 887 501

Password: AqqCLD






In addition to providing and maintaining all municipal infrastructure in good condition, the Public Works and Infrastructure Advisory Committee advises Municipal Council, among other things, on matters related to public works and infrastructure. It also notifies the Council of all requests for amendments to the by-laws within its jurisdiction.

The PWIAC provides recommendations to the Council on all matters regarding:

  • guidelines for policies and regulations regarding the implementation of a policy about customer service;
  • documents about calls for tender prior to publication;
  • planning and execution of a four-year investment plan and the three-year immobilisation public works and infrastructure plan in collaboration with the Finance Advisory Committee;
  • preparation of public information sessions regarding the feasibility and design studies for all major projects in collaboration with the Public works and Communication service branch;
  • requests from the Council relating to these projects;
  • assignment of more specific mandates to the committee by the council.


  • Elected member of council:

    • Enrico Valente – Président et conseiller du district 1
    • Christopher Blais – Conseiller du district 4
  • Members of the community:

    • Catherine Barrette
    • Robert Arnold
    • Michel Hébert
    • Étienne Gaudet-Pellerin
  • Municipal employees:

  • Marc-Antoine Biron – Public Works and Infrastructure Director

  • Danik Chamberland – Public Works Coordinator
  • Luc Gervais – Administrative Assistant of the Public Works and Infrastructure Department

Calendar of meetings :

  • January 19
  • February 16
  • March 15 - Joint committee with ASMC
  • April 12
  • May 17
  • June 14
  • September 20 - Joint committee with ASMC
  • October 11
  • November 15
  • December 13
January 19 Agenda Minutes
February 16 Agenda Minutes
March 22 Agenda Minutes
Avril 12 Agenda To come
May 17 Agenda To come

Archives 2023

  • January 20th
  • February 17th
  • March 17th
  • April 21st
  • May 12th
  • June 16th
  • July 5th - special committee of the PWIAC x ASMC
  • September 15th
  • October 20th
  • November 17th
  • December 15th - Cancelled
January 20 Agenda Minutes
February 17 Agenda Minutes
March 17 Agenda Minutes
April 21 Agenda Minutes
May 12 Agenda Minutes
July 5 Agenda Minutes
September 15 Agenda Minutes
October 20 Agenda Minutes
November 17 Agenda To come

Archives 2022

January 21

February 25

March 18 - Postponed to March 25

April 22

May 13 - Advanced to May 6

June 17

July 22 - Advanced to July 15

August 19 - Cancelled

September 23

October 21

November 18

December 16

February 25 Agenda Minutes
March 25 Agenda Minutes
April 22 Agenda Minutes
May 6 Agenda Minutes
June 17 Agenda Minutes
July 15 Agenda Minutes
September 23 Agenda Minutes
October 21 Agenda Minutes
December 16 Agenda To come

Archives 2021

January 22

February 19

March 19

April 23

May 21

June 18

July 23

August 20 (cancelled)

September 17

October 22 : cancelled due to municipal elections

November 19 : cancelled due to municipal elections

December 17 : cancelled due to municipal elections

September 17 Agenda To come.
July 23 Agenda To come.
June 18 Agenda Minutes
May 21 Agenda Minutes
April 23 Agenda Minutes
March 19 Agenda Minutes
February 19 Agenda Minutes
January 22 Agenda Minutes


The Municipality keeps archive documents on its website for a period of two years. Following this period, residents who wish to consult or obtain a copy of documents that are more than two years old may make an information access request

This page was last updated on December 13, 2023


Public Works and Infrastructure Department

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