Adoption of the 2024 budget: what you need to know

December 13, 2023


The budgeting period is well underway at the Municipality, and decisions are more difficult this year. The three-year capital plan and operating budget for 2024 will be adopted on


December 20 at 7 p.m. at in the Council Chambers of the MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais

(216 chemin d'Old Chelsea)


Like other Quebec cities, Chelsea is not immune to the various factors forcing budget cuts. For this reason, Council and the municipal administration are working on a more conservative budget for 2024, focusing on the essentials.

Here is a realistic overview of the various factors beyond our control that must be taken into account during the municipal budgeting exercise.


The Consumer Price Index (CPI)

The CPI has reached significant heights this year. Taxpayers feel the effects in their daily lives, and municipalities are not exempt either. The price of gas, materials and labour is just one example of the increase in the cost of contracts, and therefore in our expenses.


Land transfer tax and permits

With the arrival of the new neighbourhoods, the Municipality has benefited from substantial income in recent years from transfer tax and permit applications. This income has helped offset certain shortfalls but will not be sufficient this year due to the slowdown in the real estate market and the near finalization of construction in the new neighbourhoods.


NCC shortfall

Although Chelsea won its case before the Payments in Lieu of Taxes Dispute Advisory Panel, the Municipality lost in Federal Court last January, in a judgment in favour of the NCC. As a result, taxpayers will have to absorb a shortfall of nearly $1 million in 2024 and future years. The Municipality has decided to appeal the decision, but until the case is closed, the shortfall must unfortunately be absorbed.


What are the objectives for 2024?

The various factors listed above make it more difficult to plan for 2024 in terms of projects. To keep tax increases to a minimum, the Municipality has had to cut back on certain projects and prioritize the essentials.

In 2024 we will therefore focus on:

  • essential services, such as waste collection, snow removal, water and sewer systems, etc.
  • maintenance of the existing buildings, roads and active mobility network
  • continuous improvement of internal governance processes and updating of our policies
  • various aspects of road safety.




The assessment roll

The Municipality has not escaped the uncertainties of the real estate market. Although it has seen a smaller increase than other municipalities of the MRC and Gatineau, the increase in the assessment roll remains significant, with an average of 46%.

Does such a significant increase automatically mean an increase in taxes? The answer is no. Council has the authority to adjust the tax rate compared to last year. In fact, the filing of a new assessment roll generates no new revenue overall.

  • If the increase in the assessment for your home is higher than the average property in the same category, it’s possible that your taxes will increase.
  • If your increase is below average, your taxes could decrease.


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