Help reduce speeding on the territory!



The municipality has launched a fun campaign to raise motorists’ awareness about speeding in residential neighbourhoods! The campaign uses a playful bilingual approach and simple, civic-minded wording to make people smile, think, and discuss this important topic.

To get the message across in the right place, approximately 100 signs have been made available for citizens to loan and install on their property, along the roadside, so that they are visible to motorists.

The campaign was created by the Pixel Agency with the Communications and Public Works departments and will also appear on various conventional and web platforms. The municipality has a second phase in the works for 2024.


The campaign is officially over for the year 2023. Thank you to all the residents who participated!


Concrete measures

The safety of everyone in the area has been one of the Municipality’s top priorities for many years. A whole range of initiatives have been put in place in the past few months alone:

  • Speed displays in rotation on a number of roads
  • Bollards added to separate opposing traffic
  • A new 20 km/h speed limit in the Meredith neighbourhood as part of the shared streets initiative
  • A new 20 km/h limit in the Hendrick Farm neighbourhood as part of the shared streets initiative
  • An awareness campaign in front of Chelsea schools in collaboration with SAAQ
  • Discussions with MTQ to make Old Chelsea Road safer



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