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Public notices

According to the By-law Number 1085-18 concerning the publication of municipal public notices adopted at the regular sitting of Council held on November 6, 2018, the publication of a public notice for municipal purposes is done on the website.

The publication of public notices on the website is intended to promote access to municipal information by an efficient, quick and economic method.

In case of a difference between the version as published and the version accessible online, the first shall prevail.


Given in Chelsea on this 19th day of January 2021:

PUBLIC NOTICE: By-law number 1172-20 - Borrowing by-law establishing capital expenditures and a loan required for the completion of road and infrastructure work and the purchase of a vehicle.

PUBLIC NOTICE: By-law number 1175-20 - Borrowing by-law establishing expenditures and a loan required to finance the 2021 professional services.


Given at Chelsea on this, 18th day of January 2021:

NOTICE OF PROMULGATION: By-Law number 1171-20 - By-Law establishing the 2021 tax rates and fees for varioux services.


Given at Chelsea on this 14th day of January 2021:

MINOR EXEMPTION: Notice is hereby given that Council will decide at its next extraordinary sitting to be held Tuesday February 2nd, 2021, on these applications for minor exemptions:

  • 689 Chemin du Lac-Meech
  • 107 Chemin Ramsay
  • 185 Chemin Jean-Paul-Lemieux
  • 42 Chemin Charlotte
  • 12 Chemin du Pied-de-Vent
  • 21 Chemin Winnisic


Given at Chelsea on this 13th day of January 2021:

PUBLIC NOTICE: By-Law number 1170-20 amending specific provisions of the By-Law number 366-91 respecting minor exemption request - provisions regarding the fees for minor exemption request.

PUBLIC NOTICE: By-Law number 1669-20 amending specific provisions of the By-Law number 639-05 respecting permits and certificates - provisions regarding applicable fees for requests for By-Laws amendments, permits and certificates, spaid and security deposits.


For your convenience, here is a partial list of various types of notices:

  • Notice of promulgation
  • Entry into force
  • Special sitting of Council
  • Triennal assessment roll
  • Minor exemption request
  • Public assembly for consultation
  • Opening of a registry for persons eligible to vote
  • Request to participate in a referendum
  • Change of location of the sitting of Council
  • Adoption of the budget
  • Municipal elections



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