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List of recognized community organizations


This directory brings together all the organizations recognized by the Chelsea Policy on the Recognition and Support of Community Organizations, as well as community and religious institutions.


Association des résidents de Chelsea Park Unavailable
Association des résidents de Hollow Glen info@hollowglen.ca
Association des résidents de Kingsmere kcawebmaster1@gmail.com ​​​​
Les jardiniers des collines jardiniers.gvg@gmail.com
Loisirs Chelsea Nord karinelarocquemartineau@hotmail.com
Chelsea United Church 819 664-3293
St. Clement Church 819 459-1305
St. Mary Magdalene anglican Church
St. Stephen’s Parish 819 827-1664
La Fab sur Mill Website
Chelsea Youth Choir info@chelseayouthchoir.ca
Société historique de la vallée de la Gatineau info@gvhs.ca
Fiddlehead program Unavailable
Post Office 819 827-1134
NCC Visitor’s Centre 819 827-2020
Meredith Centre 819 827-0055
CLD des Collines de l’Outaouais 819 457-2121
CLSC-CHSLD des Collines 819 459-1112
CLSC - point de service Chelsea (after 4p.m.) 819 459-1112 ext. 7740
Commission scolaire des Portages de l’Outaouais 819 771-4548
Commission scolaire Western Québec 819 684-2336
École Chelsea Elementary 819 827-0245
École du Grand Boisé 819 503-8807
Chelsea Forest School chelseaforestschool.ca
École Montessori des 4 Vallées 819 827-2784
ACRE (action Chelsea pour le respect de l’environnement) acre@videotron.ca or 819 827-4092  
Sentiers Chelsea Trails sentierchelseatrails.ca  
Amis de la rivière Gatineau ontheriver@fog-arg.org  
Nearly New Thrift store  hattiebell123@icloud.com or 819 827-3975
Groupe des aînés de Farm Point loisirs@chelsea.ca
Maison Libère Elles (help for women) admin@maisonlibere-elles.ca or 819 827-4044
Le grenier des collines (food aid)            Website or 819 457-1010
Services aux Aînés des Collines

Website or 1 855 662-4637



Badminton Chelsea jcharbonneau22@videotron.ca  
Baseball Chelsea baseballchelsea@gmail.com  
Chelsea Field Hockey Club chair@chelseafhc.com  
Chelsea Nordiq Ski and Biathlon president@chelseanordiq.ca  
Larrimac Golf Club info@larrimac.com  
Club billiards aînés Farm Point Seniors Pool Club loisirs@chelsea.ca  
Club de voile Gatineau River Yacht Club Unavailable  
Club social et sportif Cascades Club info@cascadesclub.ca  
Curling des Collines cdc@curlingdescollines.ca  
École de karaté Shotokan jpgsahara10@outlook.com  
Ligue de fléchettes de Farm Point loisirs@chelsea.ca  
Natural Fitness Lab info@naturalfitnesslab.com  
Soccer des collines info@soccerdescollines.ca  

Become a recognized organization

Support for recognized organizations is determined based on municipal priorities, the organization’s category, its actual needs, and available resources.

Depending on demand, this support will vary based on service priorities and the availability of required resources. 

Professional support consists of advice, guidance, support for the organization and its democratic life, activities or events involving the recreational projects or programs, etc. Political activities or meetings are not covered, as they do not come under the Recreation, Culture and Community Life department mandate.



Community group board members can take part in training sessions on topics of every kind. These sessions, organized by the Recreation, Culture and Community Life department, are offered free of charge or at a very low fee.

Interested groups must register participants within the announced deadlines. 



The organizations with municipal recognition are given visibility in the RECREATION ZONE website to present activities or services in each edition of the program.



Organizations recognized by the Municipality can benefit from visibility through certain communication and promotional tools:

  • Event calendar and website (community activity section)
  • Recreation Zone website
  • Municipal Facebook page
  • Internal and external municipal bulletin boards


The Recreation, Culture and Community Life Department will review the application and determine with the Communication Department the appropriate and available tools.

NOTE: The use of any municipal communication tool must comply with the Municipal Communications Department’s existing Communication Policy, otherwise this support may be refused or withdrawn.


The Recreation, Culture and Community Life Department gives recognized organizations access to low-cost civil liability insurance through the Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ). The Department will also reimburse organizations for a percentage of the total annual insurance costs. This percentage will vary based on the organization’s recognized level (A, B or C), and apply only to insurance offered through the UMQ. The Recreation, Culture and Community Life Department reserves the right to cancel or amend this form of support, in which case the affected organizations will be notified in advance.


The use of municipal facilities, lands or stages is determined by a number of factors, starting with availability of resources. Reservations must be made through Chelsea’s Recreation, Culture and Community Life Department.

In addition to the free use of facilities for board meetings and Annual General Assemblies, recognized organizations get a number of free hours for the use of municipal facilities based on the category in which they are ranked.

Organizations wishing to use rooms in the Meredith Centre may submit a request to the Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life Department. The request will be evaluated based on the budget allocated to the Department for this purpose by Municipal Council.

Groups that use facilities shall be responsible and liable for any loss or breakage due to misuse. Please note that reservations cannot be made more than four months in advance.



Requests may be submitted only by groups recognized as Level A, and the request shall be assessed based on status, priorities and available resources.



Based on the availability of resources, the Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life Department may provide groups with certain materials and equipment to help them conduct their activities.



The Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life Department can transport and help in the installation of material and equipment during regular municipal business hours. However, if something must be installed or transported outside of these hours, the organization is billed for the actual costs (for which it will be notified in advance). Any request to this effect must be submitted at least 10 business days before the activity or event.



During Chelsea library business hours, everyone may have access, for a one-hour period, to Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Photoshop.
During regular library business hours, organizations with municipal recognition may obtain extended and guaranteed access by making a reservation with the library.

Reservation requests MUST be made at least 24 hours in advance, by telephone at 819-827-4019 or by e-mail at bibliothèque@chelsea.ca.

Priority will be given to professional, administrative and material support, while taking available resources into account. We should note that the Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life Department will take into account agreements already signed with certain organizations.



However, depending on the funds available in its budget, the Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life Department may receive reimbursement requests for training directly relevant to an organization’s activities, up to a maximum of $150. The training must occur in the year the organization is recognized. Requests will be evaluated based on the dates of the training and its relevance to the group’s activities. When the request is approved, the organization must submit only the enrolment receipt to Chelsea’s Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life Department for reimbursement.

Please note: It should take 4 to 6 weeks to receive a reimbursement.



Recognized organizations may receive a maximum grant of $500 in support of special events to mark the 10th, 25th, 50th or 75th of their founding anniversary. To be eligible, organizations must submit a written request and a description of the event in question, along with budget estimates.

Applying for recognition for the first time

Organizations wishing to apply to the Municipality for recognition for the first time may do so by contacting the Recreation Department using the information at the bottom of the page. 

Please note that, depending on the level of recognition granted, certain documents must be submitted either on a mandatory basis or on request.


Obtain a grant

Not available in 2024

The Recreation Fund has unfortunately been canceled for 2024 due to budget restrictions.

If you are a community organization recognized by the Municipality and have questions or comments regarding the unavailability of this grant, please contact the Recreation Department and an employee will follow up with you.



Not available in 2024

  • Each organization can obtain up to $3000 or 80% for eligible projects.
  • A minimum outlay of 20% of all eligible project expenses is required from the organization.
  • 50% of the organization’s outlay may be the calculated value of volunteer hours. 


Not available in 2024

  • Take place during the current year.
  • Have a range of funding sources besides the municipality.
  • Demonstrates a significant contribution to recreational development in the municipality.
  • Be accessible to Chelsea residents.
  • Promote a sense of pride and belonging among Chelsea residents.
  • Does not compete or conflict with similar projects or events in the Municipality of Chelsea. 


Not available in 2024

  • Complete and sign the 2016 project application form.
  • Attach documents listed on the application form.
  • Send the form and relevant documents by e-mail or regular mail at least 12 days before the meeting of the Recreation, Sport, Culture and Community Life Committee meeting.
  • Submit an electronic version of the application and relevant documents in Word format. 
  • Projects approved by the committee will be referred to the administration and Municipal Council for approval. 


Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life

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