Centre-Village Sanitation


Following the acceptance of resolution 288-11 authorizing the commissioning of the professional services of the BPR-infrastructure/Dessau Consortium to design plans and prepare quotes, work to install a new sewer and water system was started in 2014 and completed in July 2016. The work took place in four phases.


Chemin Scott (between Chemin Versant S. and Chemin Old Chelsea)

Chemin Old Chelsea (between Highway 5 and Route 105)

Chemin Hôtel-de-Ville (between Chemin Old Chelsea and Chelsea Elementary School)

Chemin Hudson

Route 105 (between Chemin Hudson and Chemin Mill)

Chemin Old Chelsea (Passage under the Highway 5 overpass)

Chemin Mill (Including pumping station at the far end of Chemin Mill)

Raw water intake route (between Gatineau River and Route 105)

Outfall (between wastewater treatment basins and Gatineau River)

Chemin Old Chelsea (between Chemin Scott and the Highway 5 South ramp)

Chemin Padden

Chemin Hudson

Pumping station (intersection of Chemin Old Chelsea and Chemin Padden)

Drinking water treatment plant (water sourced from Gatineau River)

Wastewater treatment plant

Drinking water reservoir and pressure booster station (intersection of Highway 5 and Chemin Old Chelsea)


Development projects

Since 2015, the municipality has been developing through three large-scale projects in the Centre-Village. These three projects are served by the three drainage utilities (aqueduct, sanitary and storm water) and connect to Chemin Old Chelsea’s mains.

In the same direction as the rest of the Centre-Village network, these three system extensions are processed at the wastewater treatment plant and the Chemin Hudson water purification plant.

These three projects are equipped with integrated infrastructures, that is, pumping stations and holding tanks.

Farm Point Sanitation


The Farm Point area is partially served by the sanitation system. The main system is found on Chemin St-Clément and Chemin de la Rivière. This work started in 2008 and ended in 2010.

Here is a brief description of the infrastructure available:

  • Chemin St-Clément (between Route 105 and Chemin de la Rivière)
  • Chemin du Ruisseau
  • Chemin Bellevue
  • Chemin du Pont Ouest
  • Chemin du Pont
  • Chemin Notre-Dame
  • Chemin de la Rivière (between 307, De la Rivière and 353, De La Rivière)
  • Wastewater treatment basin
  • Pumping station (Chemin de la Rivière)
  • Pumping station (Chemin St. Clément)


System operation and maintenance


After adopting resolution 172-17 to award the system operation and maintenance contract, the Aquatech, société de gestion de l’eau inc. firm of experts was offered the operation and maintenance contract for the drinking water production and supply system for the Centre-Village area and treatment plants and pumping stations for the Centre-Village and Farm Point areas. The following responsibilities, among others, are part of the contract:

  • Inspecting plants and related structures
  • Carrying out all the necessary sanitary checks, visits, sampling and analyses necessary to monitor the quality of both raw and filtered water
  • Operating the plant laboratory and conducting all the analyses
  • Cleaning the reservoirs and filters
  • Inspecting and analyzing stand pipes 
  • Testing and sampling water
  • Cleaning the system
  • Etc.


Annual assessment of drinking water quality


Public Works and Infrastructure Department