Access to the river

Acquisition of 14 lots from Hydro-Québec

The Municipal Council unanimously adopted the acquisition of 14 lots from Hydro-Québec for a total amount of $47,426 plus taxes. These lots with a total surface area of 1,893,925.30 m2 are located on the banks of the Gatineau River between Peter's Point Road and the northern border of the municipality's territory.

Approached by Hydro-Québec, the Municipality expressed interest in purchasing lots with the primary goal of providing public access to the Gatineau River. After an in-depth analysis of each lot offered, it was decided to purchase 14 of them.


This initiative will allow us to :

  • Provide safe public access to the river and take advantage of its benefits
  • Carry out surveys and municipal work when required to ensure the stabilization and adequate drainage of the new community trail
  • Respect the ownership of private docks


Public consultation

Consultation on community access to the river is now complete. Council members received the final report of this consultation in mid-April. 

Once Council reaches a decision, several steps must be taken before any installations can be carried out. For this reason, no installations are planned for 2021. The Municipality will eventually conduct feasibility and environmental studies at the sites selected by Council. These studies will be used to assess the work required to ensure that the suggested accesses are user-friendly and safe.