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Multi-Purpose community trail on a dedicated site (3 metres wide)

(Morrison’s Quarry to Loretta Road)

  • Enjoy 20.5 km of skiing, walking or snowshoeing
  • Motor vehicles are prohibited
  • Parking available at 490 Route 105 and 311 chemin de la Rivière


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Other Trails

Chelsea has natural trails, which connect major roads to community neighbourhoods and provide access to schools, parks, Gatineau Park, etc. These local trails are very small in size, not included in the Active Transportation Master Plan and are not identified on maps.


The total length of the bicycle network is 80 km.

Project Domaine de la montagne : 1.7 km


Total: 1.7 km

Old Chelsea Road: 0.9 km

Between la Boucanerie and 741 route 105 : 0.38 km


Total : 1.28 km

Scott road: 0.7 km


Total: 0.7 km

Old Chelsea Road : 1.4 km

Route 105 (Old Chelsea, to the North) : 19.12 km


Total: 20.52 km

Meech Lake Road: 1.3 km

Scott Road : 0.52 km

Notch and Kingsmere Road: 1.8 km


Total : 3.62 km

Chemin de la Rivière : 6.2 km


Total : 6.2 km

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