Adoption of the Triennial Capital Expenses Plan for the Years 2021-2023

November 16, 2020

Municipal Council adopted its Triennial Capital Expenses Plan (TCEP) for the years 2021, 2022 and 2023.This plan allows for the planning and prioritization of future investments over the next three years.

The TCEP adopted includes total investments of $20,258,385 divided over three years as follows:

2021: $16,192,500

2022: $2,779,040

2023: $1,286,845


“For this TCEP, Council made choices with the goal of increasing the debt as little as possible, while keeping our infrastructure up to date. Accordingly, we had to make difficult choices in order to adopt a realistic and balanced three-year plan based on our needs and our ability to pay. In addition, with the increase in revenues generated by new developments in the center-village, Council decided it was important that we pay as many expenses as possible out of the operating budget.” Caryl Green, mayor


Three priority projects


Municipal Council has prioritized the same three priority projects, which are the completion of the community trail, the rehabilitation of Chemin du Lac-Meech and the rehabilitation of Chemin de la Rivière.


Community Trail

  • Development and signage work: $482,750 (2021), $58,500 (2022), $35,000 (2023)
    • Contribution from Voie Verte Chelsea: $64,000
    • Contribution in the amount of $107,000 from the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur under the Programme de soutien à la mise à niveau et à l’amélioration des sentiers et des sites de pratique d’activités de plein air.


Chemin du Lac Meech

Dunlop to O’Brien Beach:

  • Professional fees $100,000 (2021) $70,000 (2022)
  • Road work $799,540 (2022)


O’Brien Beach to the road’s end

  • Professional fees: $200,000 (2021), $125,000 (2023)
  • Road work: $642,845 (2023)


Chemin de la Rivière

Rebuilding of Chemin de la Rivière : $10,310,000 (2021) – (Plans and quotes already awarded)


Several other projects are also included in this TCEP, including the replacement of fire vehicles, the purchase of tractors and replacement of some vehicles, upgrades to waste water disposal and treatment, as well as the renovation of the Farm Point Community Centre and the redevelopment of the Farm Point park.

For full details, including a complete list of projects and expenditures, please read the Mayor's message below.


Read the Mayor's word