A colorful campaign to raise motorists' awareness about speeding

June 21, 2023

The Municipality is launching today a speed awareness campaign in residential neighborhoods. The aim of the campaign is simple: to encourage motorists to respect speed limits. Produced by the Pixel agency, it promises catchy, colorful slogans that are accessible to the general public.

To get the message out, the campaign relies on citizen involvement, inviting them to borrow signs and install them on their own property. This is the element around which the concept was developed. To get residents on board, the Municipality relied on familiar, playful expressions that citizens themselves might say in their daily lives. The Municipality's logo is deliberately absent from these signs.


"We wanted to get away from the moralistic tone and use words that the resident could relate to. So we opted for an approach that would make people smile, think and talk. By putting the citizen at the heart of this initiative, we hope that the message will circulate throughout the territory and have a positive impact on speed reduction," says Mayor Pierre Guénard.


Developed in collaboration with the Communications Department and the Public Works and Infrastructures Department, the campaign will also be rolled out on various platforms. The municipality is planning a second phase in 2024.  Chelsea residents wishing to borrow a sign can do so now, free of charge. Signs will be loaned for a maximum of two weeks so that the message can circulate throughout the territory.


See details here.


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