Coming into force of the Master Plan and its By-laws starting today

December 2, 2022

Following the verification procedure of the MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais, the Master Plan and its by-laws have all been approved. They are therefore effective as of today. 

Permit applications made as of today will be subject to the new regulations in effect. For permit applications made after this date, they will be processed according to the date of filing. That is, the application will be subject to the regulations in effect at the time of filing.


Updating our platforms

The Master Plan and its by-laws will be updated in the next few days on our various platforms. Various information tools will also be produced in 2023 to assist residents who wish to apply for permits. Since this is a process that involves many changes, do not hesitate to contact the Urban Planning Department for any questions regarding the new regulations in effect. They can be reached at


A collaborative effort

The approval of the Master Plan and its by-laws concludes a process of more than two years in which several public consultations, questionnaires and meetings were held. The Municipality would like to thank all residents, community stakeholders and partners for their valuable collaboration. This new plan has been created taking into account your concerns and your vision. Thank you for your input! 


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