Flood Management: Lowering of the Gatineau River level upstream of the Chelsea Dam

May 25, 2022

The Municipality of Chelsea wishes to inform its residents that Hydro-Quebec has lowered the water level upstream of the Chelsea dam to below 96 metres, 1.5 metres higher than the usual level. This measure is necessary due to the heavy rainfall of the past week, which caused a third peak of flooding on the Gatineau River. In addition, more precipitation is expected over the coming weekend. The lowering of the water level should limit the increase of the river level in the Municipality of La Pêche and prevent the areas along the Gatineau River that are currently flooded and those that are at risk of flooding from seeing the water gain ground.  

This level will be maintained for a period of at least one week to ensure that water inflows from the upper Gatineau River basin are significantly reduced. 

"Hydro-Quebec is aware of the inconvenience this may cause to residents of the municipalities of Chelsea, Cantley and La Pêche. However, it is important to remember that the purpose of these manoeuvres is to limit the risk of flooding for all riverside populations," said a Hydro-Québec press release.


This lowering of the water level is in no way related to the work done at the Chelsea power station, which required the lowering of the river's water level for three weeks in early May. 


For any questions, residents are invited to contact Hydro-Québec at 1 800 465-1521, extension 6022.


Hydro-Québec press release