HHW collection: update on expected delay

June 8, 2021

Despite the constant efforts of our contractor, the collection of household hazardous waste is still ongoing. We anticipate that the streets that have not yet been serviced will be in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, it is difficult to give a precise estimate.

If your materials have not been collected by the end of the day on Friday, please pick them up and put them back on the road on Monday morning.


What explains this delay?

The collection of HHW is a very complex collection because of the dangerous nature of the materials collected. Indeed, the collection must be carried out by employees with specific training. They must be equipped with personal protective equipment and must take the necessary time to ensure that the collected products are in good condition, in their original container, clearly identified and that they do not present any danger of leakage. Employees must also keep a record of all products collected.

Again this year, the collection is very popular. For this reason, the truck has to go to the transfer center several times to be emptied.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


Make sure your products meet the collection requirements

  • Oils (liquids or aerosols) in their original containers of 20 litres or less, clearly identified and hermetically sealed
  • Dirty oil filters in a transparent plastic bag


  • In their original container, clearly identified and hermetically sealed
  • Fuel, gasoline in a container suitable for transport (e.g. red canister)
  • Therebentine, Varsol, thinner, stripper, alcohol, shellac
  • Maintenance or cleaning products, drain opener and degreaser
  • Adhesive, tar, epoxy, paint remover


  • In their original container (liquid or aerosol), clearly identified and tightly closed
  • Paints (latex, alkyl, enamel, anti-rust), stains, lacquers, primers, varnish, wood preservative, linseed oil


  • E.g. computer, television, cameras, telephone, etc.
  • *No ink cartridges


Automotive Batteries

Propane Tanks


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