Important notice to owners of docks on Chemin de la Rivière

November 15, 2022

As part of the work on Chemin de la Rivière, the Municipality will soon proceed with the stabilization and protection of the Gatineau River bank.

For this reason, all docks and infrastructures (ex. stairs, access ramps, etc.) within the work area must be removed by January 1, 2023. Despite various attempts, the Public Works Department has not been able to contact all affected dock owners and is therefore issuing a notice to all to identify them.

In the absence of a return from the owners concerned, the Municipality will have to proceed with the removal of the docks itself, and this, while waiving any responsibility for damage that may be caused to them.


Location of docks in the work area

The docks to be removed due to the work are located on six different sections identified below.

  • Section 1 : between 207 chemin de la Rivière and chemin de la Carrière (see map)
  • Section 2 : between 283 and 311 chemin de la Rivière (see map)
  • Section 3 : between chemin St-Clément and the private gravel entrance of 321 chemin de la Rivière (see map)
  • Section 4 : between 335 and 343 chemin de la Rivière  (see map)
  • Section 5 : between 349 and 353 chemin de la Rivière (see map)
  • Section 6 : between 376 and 415 chemin de la Rivière (see map)


Reconstruction after the work

The duration of the work is currently estimated at 6 months. However, several factors could modify the initial schedule. Once the rehabilitation project is completed, residents wishing to proceed with the reinstallation of any docks will be required to submit a formal permit request to the Planning and Sustainable Development. This is essential to ensure the compliance of the structure and to ensure that the standards in place to protect our shorelines are met.

If you are concerned by this notice, you can contact the Public Works Department at 819-827-1160 from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or by e-mail at

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