January Council Meeting Highlights

January 13, 2023

Adoption of the first draft of the by-law concerning lodging establishments

The council adopted the first draft of a by-law modifying the zoning by-law concerning lodging establishments on its territory. The objective of this bylaw is to allow this type of lodging in the main residences in Chelsea by regulating it with permits. The by-law provides for a maximum number of permits to be issued per zone and district within the territory. Following the adoption of the draft by-law, council wishes to consult the population during public consultations to be held in February. 

In order to limit the impact of the new provincial regulation, council has decided to limit the number of lodging establishments on its territory. It should be noted that the implementation of the regulation will be done gradually in order to allow interested persons to comply with the accreditation process.


Nomination of elected members to various committees and creation of the Chelsea 150th Anniversary Committee

Council took advantage of the first council meeting of the year 2023 to redistribute the municipal and community committees to elected members. In addition, in anticipation of the celebrations surrounding the 150th anniversary of the Municipality of Chelsea, a committee on this subject has been created. A call for candidates will be made in the near future so that residents can get involved in this committee.

Modification of permit fees

Following the amendment of the provincial law on engineers, the municipal council adopted the draft by-law relating to permits and certificates increasing the rates applicable to applications for regulatory amendments, permits and certificates, SPAIP and security deposits. This amendment to the by-law is intended to comply with the new law and to index the costs of permits. This measure will help the Municipality to pay the fees that have increased significantly in the last two years. 


Municipal Administration Nominations and Hiring

Council approved by resolution the nomination of two employees in the Public Works Department and one employee in the Environment Department. In addition, they confirmed the hiring of a Permits and Inspections Officer in the Urban Planning Department. These nominations as well as this hiring have for objective to support the municipal team in place in the realization of their projects and to better respond to the needs of the residents. 

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