July Council Meeting Highlights

July 7, 2023

Action plan to obtain funds to accelerate housing construction

The Municipality has developed an action plan to obtain funding to accelerate the construction of affordable, rental and intergenerational housing in Chelsea.

This action plan is based on the Municipality's Master Plan and includes various initiatives to be implemented over the next few years, in order to facilitate the production of housing adapted to everyone's needs.

This initiative will also make it possible to develop and adopt a policy on the affordability of the housing market, as proposed in the Master Plan.

In order to properly submit the funding application, the Council approved the action plan as well as the funding application to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).


An intermunicipal project for the management of residual materials

The Council accepted the intermunicipal project for the management of residual materials presented by the municipalities of Chelsea, Cantley and La Pêche.

The objective of this request is to obtain funding that will help reduce the cost of managing the residual materials such as compost, final waste and recycling.


Mandate to undertake legal procedures in matters of defamation, harassment and incivility towards municipal employees

Municipal employees have recently been the victims of hateful, defamatory, discriminatory and uncivil comments made by a resident on various social platforms.

Council adopted a resolution mandating RPGL Avocats, S.E.N.C.R.L. to undertake legal proceedings for a civil remedy against the resident in question.

Municipal employees, like all individuals in a society, are entitled to politeness, courtesy, respect, and proper manners, even if a person disagrees with the decisions or actions taken by the Municipality.


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