Lowering of the level of Gatineau River

September 8, 2023

Hydro-Québec is advising people living near the Gatineau, upstream from the Chelsea generating station, that it will lower the river level between Monday, September 11, and Thursday, September 28.

Last April, Hydro-Québec announced to Gatineau River riverside residents that refurbishment work at the Chelsea generating station would take place throughout the summer.

The work is now complete, and Hydro-Québec will lower the river level to 96 metres upstream of Chelsea generating station to allow the contractor to remove the temporary platform. Please note that the river will return to its usual level once the platform is removed. In September, the river level upstream from the Chelsea generating station usually varies between 97.30 and 97.45 metres.


If you have any questions or comments about this work, please contact Hydro-Québec directly at 1 800 465-1521, ext. 6022.


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