One step closer to new elementary school in Chelsea

September 28, 2023

The project to build a new French-language elementary school in Chelsea is one step closer. After numerous discussions between the Municipality of Chelsea and the Centre de services scolaires des Portages-de-l'Outaouais, the site targeted could be located at the intersection of Chemin du Relais and Chemin Cecil.

The new school's location would enable close to 300 children a year to continue their education in Chelsea. These children would be able to get to school by foot or by bike, as the new school would be located close to three major family neighborhoods. Proximity to the Meredith Centre would also open up greater possibilities for the creation of recreation agreements, providing a new venue for community services outside school.

Since the adoption of Bill 40, municipalities have been required to provide school service centers with land free of charge for public institutions. The Municipality has already begun discussions with the owners of the land concerned, with a view to acquiring it. Should one of the three soccer fields be affected, the Municipality has already presented options for relocating it to the heart of the centre-village.


"The construction of this new school is essential, as it will enable nearly 300 students a year to attend a school in Chelsea, thus avoiding the need to travel to neighbouring towns. I'm even more delighted to know that they will be able to get there safely on foot or by bike. The land identified according to the Service Centre criteria meets three important orientations of the Council: protecting the environment, promoting active transportation for families, and mobilizing the community."


Pierre Guénard, Mayor of Chelsea


"Establishing this school in the heart of the centre-village is a great challenge for the community. It will enable many families to opt for active modes of transportation, thus contributing to healthy lifestyles and reducing our dependence on the automobile."


Dominic Labrie, District 2 Councillor


"I'm delighted that the site targeted for the future Chelsea elementary school is located in the heart of the community. This location will enable students and staff to develop a sense of belonging to both their school and their neighbourhood. The entire school and surrounding community will be able to rally around this school for the educational success of our young people. It will be a school that reflects the community!"


Nadine Peterson, Executive Director of the Centre de services scolaires des Portages-de-l'Outaouais.



  • The new French-language elementary school will welcome approximately 350 students from preschool to grade 6, for a total of 16 classes.
  • The official announcement was made by Deputy Robert Bussière on behalf of Education Minister Bernard Drainville on June 20.

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