Rehabilitation of chemin du Lac-Meech - Information on the progress of the project

July 28, 2021

Please take note of the following information regarding the road rehabilitation project on Chemin du Lac-Meech between Chemin Dunlop and the Gatineau Parkway:

The rehabilitation of Chemin du Lac-Meech between Chemin Dunlop and the Gatineau Parkway took place partly in October 2020 and between May and July 2021. According to the original schedule, this work should have been completed by July 2021. However, a delay is to be expected before the project can be finalized for the following reasons.

First, during the progress of the project, an uncertainty was raised regarding the stability of a slope adjacent to the Chemin du Lac-Meech, located approximately 400 meters northwest of the intersection with the Gatineau Parkway. The Municipality requested an additional geotechnical study to analyze the stability of this slope. The results of this study demonstrated the need for preventive stabilization work at this location. However, the slope in question does not pose an immediate danger to users. The engineering firm mandated by the Municipality has proceeded with the preparation of plans for the work.  The process of preparing requests for authorizations from the various levels of government is currently underway. The stabilization work can begin once the various required authorizations have been received. A notice will then be issued before the start of the work and the required signage will be put in place according to the type of obstruction required. In order to avoid damaging the new roadway during this work, a section of approximately 120 meters has been temporarily left on a gravel surface. Signage has been put in place to warn users of the change in the type of road surface. The Municipality will ensure the maintenance of the gravel surface until this section is paved following the stabilization work. It is currently difficult to estimate the time frame to be expected as it will depend on the processing of the required authorizations to carry out the work, but the Municipality strongly desires that the preventive stabilization be completed before the winter period.

In addition, significant and unusual delays in the processing of the request to relocate the electrical and telecommunication network are preventing the completion of the project. The vast majority of the road repair and improvement work could still be carried out despite the presence of the conflicting poles. However, in order to ensure the uniformity of the final surface of the road, only the first layer of bituminous pavement was put in place. The paving of the final layer, as well as the finalization of the work, will take place only after the removal of the conflicting posts. According to the information received, the file is presently at the engineering stage with the companies that own the public utility network and the delay to be expected before the removal of the poles could vary from 6 months  to 1 year. In the meantime, the speed limit has been temporarily lowered to 30 km/h in the most critical area and additional signage has been put in place to increase the visibility of obstacles in the roadway.

For these reasons, the Municipality regrets to inform you that the project cannot be completed in the summer of 2021 as planned. Please be assured that a constant follow-up will be done with the various stakeholders in order to avoid further delays and to ensure the completion of the work as soon as possible. 


We thank you for your understanding in this particular situation.

The Public Works and Infrastructures Department