Renaturalization work underway on Chemin Burnett

June 27, 2023

Shoreline renaturalization work is underway at the end of Burnett Road, near the Gatineau River. The Municipality wishes to reassure residents that access to the river is not blocked.  


The aim of this work is to regenerate the territory's natural habitats, as set out in the strategic plan, urban plan and sustainable development action plan. This can be achieved by using vegetation and renaturalization techniques (e.g. removal of invasive plants) to enhance the ecological services provided by the land. For example, these efforts have been planned to remedy the gravel runoff on Chemin Burnett caused by heavy rainfall down to the Gatineau River. 

Moreover, the planting of native vegetation and renaturalization of the area significantly improves the shoreline and brings various benefits, such as: 

  • Sediment filtration and improved water quality; 

  • Bank stabilization; 

  • Landscape improvement; 

  • Pollination (some species planted will flower in spring (e.g. Amelanchier canadensis) and the creation of habitats that promote pollinator biodiversity. 


Development of a pedestrian pathway 

After discussions with many residents, the Municipality has decided to widen the pedestrian access to the river so that it can be accessed by non-motorized crafts (canoe, paddleboard, etc.). A more defined pathway will therefore be laid out in the near future, using native ground cover plants that are resistant to trampling (e.g. white clover, thyme).  

As with any work zone, access may be restricted or blocked for the duration of the work. For this reason, access is temporarily restricted so as not to interfere with the work. 

A sediment barrier was temporarily installed last week to prevent run-off into the river and protect water quality. Once the seedlings begin to germinate, vegetation will establish itself naturally over time, helping to retain the soil. The sediment barrier can then be removed. Depending on weather conditions, we estimate that this could take around three weeks. In the meantime, the municipal team will return in the next few days to reduce the barrier somewhat to facilitate access for residents with non-motorized boats. 


Installation of concrete blocks 

A few months ago, concrete blocks were also installed to prevent vehicles from using the area as a boat ramp. Not only did this greatly affect the quality of life of nearby residents, since vehicles were blocking their entrances, but it was also very damaging to the environment. We remind you that this access to the water is not an official access. A boat launch and water access are available in the Farm Point area, near the community center.  


Water access: an important issue for the Council 

Rest assured that water access is currently a priority for the Municipal Council. The Municipality should soon receive the results of the shoreline characterization study, which will help us identify the best access points. Once this study has been received, analysis of the various potential points can begin, according to various criteria (accessibility, safety, etc.). 

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