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Swearing-in ceremony for elected municipal officials

November 30, 2021

The seven newly elected municipal officials were sworn in and officially took office at a swearing-in ceremony held on November 22. The ceremony, officiated by the Municipality's Director General and President of Elections, Me John-David McFaul, took place in front of family and friends.

The elected officials are now ready to begin their four-year term of office on December 7, the day of their first council meeting. It should be noted that this meeting will be held by audiovisual conference through the Zoom platform at 7:00 pm. Connection information will be available a few days before the meeting at

We note that during the November 7th election, 44.7% of citizens exercised their right to vote to elect the new municipal council composed of:

Mayor: Pierre Guénard

District 1: Enrico Valente

District 2: Dominic Labrie

District 3: Cybèle Wilson

District 4: Christopher Blais

District 5: Rita Jain

District 6: Kimberly Chan