Purchasing a property


Purchasing a property

Prior to purchasing a building lot or an existing property, we recommend that you contact the Planning and sustainable development division of the Municipality of Chelsea in order to obtain all of relevant information for this property.

  • Does the zoning support the proposed use of the property?
  • Does the surface area of the property satisfy the current zoning requirements?
  • Are there any physical constraints such as a landslide zone, marshes, and waterways, a railroad, or highway that could hinder or prevent construction?
  • Has the lot been the subject of a subdivision permit?
  • Is the lot part of a municipally approved subdivision?
  • Does the subject property have proper access to a municipal or private road?
  • Is there a compliant septic system on the property?  If not, is it possible to build one?
  • If a building already exists, will it conform to the use you want to perform?


It is impossible to guarantee approval of a building permit until a request has been submitted and all of the requirements have been met.

A building permit is issued within 60 days following the receipt of all required documentation.


This brochure is intended as general information and should not be interpreted within consulting one of our municipal officers or inspectors.

Prepared by the Planning and sustainable development division in conformance with the regulatory texts in effect since June 28, 2005.





Download the Application form regarding the zoning of a property, uses or conditions

Download the pamphlet Purchasing a property