Works to come

Rehabilitation work on Chemin du Lac-Meech

Date : May 3 to July 2, 2021

Description of work : 

  • Various roadway rehabilitation work depending on the location (widening, partial reconstruction or complete reconstruction)
  • Replacement of culverts under the roadway of Chemin du Lac-Meech and cross roads;
  • Improvement of roadway drainage;
  • Updating of signage;
  • Transportation of materials between the Déry quarry and Chemin du Lac-Meech are to be planned.

Location of the work : Chemin du Lac-Meech between Chemin Dunlop and Promenade de la Gatineau


  • Closure of Chemin du Lac-Meech Meech between Chemin Dunlop  and the Promenade de la Gatineau
  • Detour road via the North Loop on Promenade de la Gatineau 

Local Traffic: Local traffic will be allowed and it will be possible to circulate from the south at the following locations:

  • Parking lots P8
  • Private residences on the section affected by the work



Redevelopment of the intersection of Chemin Cécil and Chemin Old Chelsea and the relocation of the multipurpose trail

Date: From May 3 to July 16, 2021

Description of work: Relocation of the multipurpose trail to the north to allow parking on Chemin Old Chelsea . In addition to the installation of the final paving, as well as the concrete curbs and sidewalks.

Location of work: At the intersection of Chemin Cécil and Chemin Old Chelsea between Chemin du Relais and Chemin Douglas.

Traffic:  Diverting of the traffic lanes on Chemin Old Chelsea and the addition of a temporary road for active transportation between Chemin du Relais and Chemins Douglas.



Drilling work on Chemin Old Chelsea

Date: From May 7th to May 28th, 2021

Description of work: Drilling work

Location of work: Chemin Old Chelsea between Chemin Scott and Chemin Ladyfield

Traffic: Alternating traffic, Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.



Municipal Road Cleaning Operations

Date: Starting March 26, 2021

Description of work: Beginning of roads, trails, bicycle paths, bike lanes and sidewalks cleaning operations for the spring season.

Location of the work: On the territory of the Municipality of Chelsea.


Chemin Cross Loop Temporarily Closed to Traffic

Date: Starting March 10, for the spring period.

Reason: Road considered not driveable for vehicles due to the weather conditions. 

Traffic: Forbidden to all vehicles



Closure of chemin du Lac-Meech to heavy vehicles

Date : March 20, until further notice.

Description of Work : Closure of chemin du Lac-Meech between chemin Dunlop and chemin Harrington to heavy vehicles. 

Traffic : Prohibited to heavy vehicles only. 



For any emergency concerning municipal roads outside office hours, please call 819-827-9911.

For any emergency concerning infrastructure (sewer, aqueduct, parks, etc.) outside office hours, please call 819-230-0652.

Public Works and Infrastructure Department