Works to come

Rehabilitation of Chemin de la Rivière


Date: June 12 to November 3, 2023

Schedule: Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Schedule may vary according to weather conditions and operational constraints.

Work description :

Major rehabilitation work on Chemin de la Rivière including :

  • replacement of culverts
  • drainage improvements
  • shoreline stonework
  • pavement reconstruction
  • replacement of guardrails
  • updating signage to improve road service life
  • safety and ride comfort

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Project summary presentation

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Traffic : 

Complete and partial obstructions are planned, depending on the nature of the work. Signage will be put in place to guide users through the various detours.

Active Transportation

Cyclists and pedestrians must detour around the works via Voie Verte Chelsea or Route 105.

Week of September 18


  • Complete closure between civic addresses 243 and 249 located between Chemins Winnisic and Cora-Rose, except for local traffic only.
    • Route 105 detour via Chemin Pine to the south and Chemin Saint-Clément to the north.

This work zone and the hindrance will move south as work progresses during the week.

Signs at the intersections of Chemin de la Rivière and Chemins Pine and Saint-Clément will indicate the exact location of the hindrance.


  • Complete closure between civic addresses 419 and 429 located between Chemin Carman and the Morrisson Quarry, except for local traffic only.

This closure may not be in place for the entire week.


  • Partial hindrance with alternating traffic between Chemins de la Carrière and Cora-Rose.

This hindrance may not be in place for the entire week.


  • Partial hindrance with alternating traffic between civic addresses 126 and 136 (between Chemins des Lupins and Helen Mills).

This work zone and the hindrance will move north, as work progresses over the course of the week.

See the map of works and detours

Please note that obstructions will be updated on this page as work progresses.


Renaturalization of Tenaga Beach

Date: September 5, 2023 (for approximately 3 weeks)

Location: Tenaga beach near Chemin Station and the Voie Verte Chelsea

Description: excavation work, addition of topsoil, installation of a sediment barrier and planting of vegetation.

  • Please note that further planting of native vegetation adapted to the environment, followed by seeding of herbaceous riparian buffers, will follow in spring 2024.

Hindrances: presence of heavy machinery on work site

Traffic: machinery crossings at certain times on the Voie Verte Chelsea. Signage and volunteers are on-site to ensure the safety of Voie Verte users.


Wetland development on Municipal lands in the Musie Sector

Date: 2022 and 2023

Location: Musie sector.

Description: With the extension of Highway 5 and the subsequnt loss of wetland areas, the Municipality of Chelsea has decided, thanks to financial assistance, to carry out, starting this spring, studies and plans to implement wetland enhancement work and trail rehabilitation in the Musie sector.



For any emergency concerning municipal roads outside office hours, please call 819-827-9911.

For any emergency concerning infrastructure (sewer, aqueduct, parks, etc.) outside office hours, please call 819-230-0652.

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