General preventive boil water advisory in effect : All Chelsea residents served by the municipal water system must boil their water for at least one minute before consuming it, until the advisory is lifted. Details.

Works to come

Maintenance work

Please note that this work is undertaken by Transport Québec.

Date: May 18, 2022

Location: Between chemins Scott and Rivière.

Description: Culverts maintenance.

Interference: Closing of a lane, between 8:30 am and 3 pm.

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Rehabilitation work on the power plant

Please note that this work is undertaken by Hydro-Quebec.

Date: April to fall 2022

Location: The Chelsea powerhouse and dam are located in the Gatineau River, in Chelsea.

Description: In order to ensure the sustainability of its facilities, Hydro-Québec is undertaking rehabilitation work at the Chelsea power station. The project involves the dam deck, accesses and emergency exits. This work will be carried out until the fall of 2022, and Hydro-Québec is doing everything possible to limit the impact on residents.

Interference: The number of workers present and vehicles in motion will increase, which could cause some inconvenience. Caution is always advised.

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Drilling - Trail west of A5

Date: April 27 and 28, 2022

Location: Trail west of A5 between chemin Mike and chemin de la Mine

Description: As part of the preparation of the plans and specifications for the construction of the trail located west of the A5 for the section between the Hautes Plaines sector and chemin Mike, drilling must be carried out along this section, the most important of which will be located near ravines A and B as indicated on the plan below.


Wetland development on Municipal lands in the Musie Sector

Date: Starting April 2022

Location: Musie sector.

Description: With the extension of Highway 5 and the subsequnt loss of wetland areas, the Municipality of Chelsea has decided, thanks to financial assistance, to carry out, starting this spring, studies and plans to implement wetland enhancement work and trail rehabilitation in the Musie sector.


Sweep operation in Chelsea

Date: From April 4 to mid-May 2022

Location: Municipality of Chelsea

Description: Sweeping of streets and sidewalks on the entire territory of the Municipality of Chelsea. Parks and recreational pathways will also be swept.

Please note that due to vehicle breakdowns, the sweeping operation will continue until mid-May. Thank you for your understanding.

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Temporary closure of chemin Cross Loop

Date: As of March 15, 2022

Description: Since November 2021, chemin Cross Loop has been closed between chemin Pine and parking lot P15. The closure has been extended to chemin Cafferty due to difficult spring conditions. Access to parking lot P15 is no longer possible. You will be notified of its reopening when chemin Cross Loop is accessible again.

Location: chemin Cross Loop, between chemins Pine and Cafferty.

Interference: chemin closed in both directions.


Rehabilitation of chemin de la Rivière - Second phase

Date: To come

Location of work: Chemin de la Rivière

Description of work: To come

Second phase of work: the second phase of the project will take place in the summer of 2022 due to delays in obtaining certificates of authorization to operate near the river and wetlands. It is during this phase that the majority of the work will take place. The work will include, among other things, the complete and partial rehabilitation of certain sections, the redesign of the Voie Verte Chelsea intersection, the replacement of guardrails, etc. 

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Rehabilitation work on Chemin du Lac-Meech

The work between Chemin Dunlop and the Promenade de la Gatineau took place in October 2020 and between May and July 2021. However, the project will not be completed as planned in 2021 due to situations beyond the control of the Municipality.



For any emergency concerning municipal roads outside office hours, please call 819-827-9911.

For any emergency concerning infrastructure (sewer, aqueduct, parks, etc.) outside office hours, please call 819-230-0652.

Public Works and Infrastructure Department