Marking work on the A5 (Ministère des Transports du Québec)

Date: May 29, 2020

Description of work: Marking work on Highway 5 between chemin de la Rivière and chemin Scott. 

Traffic: Circulation on a detour lane only between 9:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.


Community trail stabilization work

Date: June 15 to July 3, 2020

Description of work: Stabilization work between chemin des Artisans and chemin Welka, including riprap, replacement of a culvert, removal of rails and frames, rehabilitation of crossings, etc. 

Traffic: Section between Chemin des Artisans and chemin Welka closed during the work.


Community trail correction work

Date: May 25, 2020

Description of work: Trail correction work between chemin Church and chemin Wallace.

Traffic: Section between chemin Church and chemin Wallace closed during the work.


Work on chemin de la Mine

Date: May 25 to July 6, 2020

Description of work: Rehabilitation work on chemin de la Mine including, but not limited to, removal of paving, placement of asphalt and shoulders, removal and installation of guardrails, signage, marking, landscaping and installation of a turtle containment barrier in the Marie-Burger sector.  

Traffic: Obstruction at the intersection of chemin Notch and chemin de la Mine and near chemin Marie-Burger.  Alternate traffic with signallers. 


Chelsea Creek Stabilization Work (Route 105)

Date: June 15 to August 20, 2020

Description of work: Excavation, stone placement and finishing work, stone sealing, seeding, planting, access removal and site remediation.

Traffic: Heavy truck traffic is expected between the work site (Route 105 south of chemin Hudson) and the Déry quarry. Signage will be put in place to identify access to the work site and the quarry.


Work location 


Closure of chemin du Lac-Meech to heavy vehicles

Date: March 20, until further notice.

Description of Work: Closure of chemin du Lac-Meech between chemin Dunlop and chemin Harrington to heavy vehicles. 

Traffic: Prohibited to heavy vehicles only. 


For emergencies outside office hours, dial 819-827-9911.


To come






Crack sealing work

Date : October 8 and 9 


  • Chemin Wright
  • Chemin Lavallée
  • Chemin Patrick
  • Chemin Loretta
  • Chemin Héritage
  • Chemin Kingsmere between Notch et Old Chelsea
  • Chemin Scott between Old Chelsea et Preston
  • Chemin du Lac Meech between chemin Kingsmere and parking P8


Culvert replacement work (between P12 and the end of Meech Lake Road in a northwest direction) 

Date: September 9 to October 10

Description of work: Replacement of seven culverts 


Rehabilitation work on Trail 36 (between Fortune Drive and Meech Lake Road)

Date: September 10 to October 7

Description of work: Trail 36 rehabilitation


Construction work on a new access ramp to Route 105

Date: September  27 to October 4

Description of work: Construction of a new access ramp to Route 105 eastbound from Cross-Loop Road


Street sweeping as of May 10

  • Bicycle lanes - Notch Road
  • Bicycle lanes - Kingsmere Road
  • Bicycle lanes and bike path - Scott Road
  • Bicycle lanes - Meech Lake Road to the Promenade
  • Route 105 between Côte-d'un-Mille Road and the northern limit
  • The middle of Old Chelsea Road 
  • All secondary roads between Côte-d'un-Mille Road and Ojai Road
  • Lac-Meech Road, along the lake


Rehabilitation work on Heritage and Loretta road

Date: July 2019

Description of work: ditches and culverts rehabilitation work


Temporary rehabilitation work on Meech Road (CCN)
Description of work: Temporary rehabilitation of Meech Road

Note: The work is currently completed. A temporary gravel elevation was erected on the most damaged sections of the road to allow vehicular traffic. 


Tree removal on chemin de la Mine

Date: March, 2019

Description of work: tree removal work for the development of the bicycle network.


Connection work on St-Clément Road

Date : July 2019


Repair work - Hollow Glen Dam

Date: August 12 to 16

Description: Repair of a drainage pipe, gabion cages and head walls 

Public Works and Infrastructure Department