February 2024 Council Highlights

February 8, 2024

Here are the highlights of the February 6th, 2024, Council meeting.

You can consult the full agenda by clicking here.


Awarding of two contracts for the water treatment plant

Due to the accumulation of debris on the surface of the membranes, the Council authorizes the awarding of a contract for the purchase of new membranes for the center-village water filtration plant, in the amount of $56,015.25. This expenditure is necessary to ensure the water production required to serve network users.

In addition, a more in-depth study is required to identify potential short-, medium- and long-term solutions to the problem of membrane clogging at the drinking water filtration plant. The Council therefore awards the contract for professional services in the amount of $43,115.63.


Analysis for the implementation of a first responder service

Council mandates the Fire Department to analyze the possibilities and feasibility of establishing a first responder service for Chelsea residents, and to do so as quickly as possible.


Renaming the Public Works and Infrastructure Department

As part of the Strategic Plan's vision, a department must be designated responsible for sustainable mobility. For this reason, the Council approved naming the Public Works and Infrastructures Department as the department responsible for sustainable mobility.

The Public Works and Infrastructures Department is now named the Public Works, Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility Department.


New signage to come on Chemin de la Rivière

The Council authorizes the addition of two stop signs on Chemin de la Rivière at the intersection with Chemin St-Clément. These will not be installed until spring 2024. Signage will be installed 30 days before the new stops come into effect, and communications will be made on the various municipal platforms to warn road users of the change.


Request for funding for Chelsea's 150th anniversary program

To assist with expenses related to Chelsea's 150th anniversary celebrations in 2025, the Recreation, sports, culture, and community life department wishes to apply for financial support from the federal Canadian Heritage Program.

The Council agrees to proceed with the request for financial assistance.


Recognition of the Centre des arts, de la culture et du patrimoine de Chelsea (La Fab sur Mill)

The Council adopts a resolution to recognize the Centre des arts, de la culture et du patrimoine (formerly known as La Fab sur Mill) as an important cultural and artistic hub for the Municipality of Chelsea.

It coordinates and creates high-quality artistic and cultural programming, which contributes to the economic development of artists in the region.


Calendar of important celebrations and theme days in 2024

Council approves the calendar of important celebrations and theme days in 2024. These will be highlighted on the Municipality's social media.


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