February Council Meeting Highlights

February 9, 2023

Water and Wastewater Treatment and Distribution System Upgrade

Municipal Council gave notice of motion for funding for the upgrade of the water and wastewater system. This upgrade will allow the plant to complete the sludge treatment line and improve the drinking water supply and distribution system in the village center. The by-law will be presented at a future council meeting for adoption. 

CICE Grant Application

The municipal council approved by resolution the submission of a grant application under the Canada Summer Jobs Program for a coordinator position for the Chelsea Youth Entrepreneurship Initiation Cooperative (CICE). The CIEC will be back next summer to offer a great entrepreneurial experience to the youth of the community.


Maintaining the bilingual status of the Municipality

Following the new dispositions of the Charte de la langue française, the council had to adopt a resolution in order to maintain its official bilingual status, because less than 50% of its population has English as its mother tongue. The resolution will be forwarded to the Office de la langue française in order to meet the 120-day deadline. The municipal council deemed it essential to maintain this recognition in the interest of the municipality and its residents because of the large proportion of English-speaking residents on the territory. 


Protection of natural environments on the territory

In order to limit the impact of a Supreme Court decision against the City of Mascouche in a case of disguised expropriation, the municipal council joined several other municipalities and asked the Quebec government to change the regulatory framework allowing municipalities and towns to continue to protect their natural environments on their territory. This change would avoid a precedent that limits municipalities and cities in their protection objectives. 

Modification of the by-law concerning permit fees

The by-law relating to the fees for applications for regulatory amendments, permits and certificates, SPAIP and security deposits was adopted in order to comply with the provincial law on engineers. The increase in fees, representing an amount of $5 to $10 per permit, will help the Municipality to pay for the fees paid, which have increased significantly in the last two years.

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