November Council Meeting Highlights

November 7, 2022


Adoption of the Master Plan, Zoning By-law and Subdivision By-law

During the special meeting, the Municipal Council adopted the Three-Year Capital Expenditure Plan (PTI) for the years 2023-2024-2025. The plan includes $54 million in investments divided into annual phases: $25 million for 2023, $7.5 million for 2024 and $21 million for 2025. The PTI brings together all the projects that the Municipality plans to carry out over the next three years, to plan them over time and to finance them through various sources of revenue. It represents Council's intentions for capital investments. These investments will, among other things, improve existing infrastructure and meet various municipal needs. For more information, visit



Adoption of the Demolition Application and Building Occupancy and Maintenance By-laws

Council, concerned about demolition applications throughout Chelsea and in accordance with the Loi modifiant la Loi sur le patrimoine culturel et d'autres dispositions législatives, adopted By-law 1242-22, a by-law on demolition applications, replacing By-law 1166-22. Among other things, this bylaw will allow for a better supervision of demolition approval and will add analysis criteria to demolition requests.

In addition, Council also adopted By-law 1243-22, a by-law on the occupancy and maintenance of buildings, to replace By-law 1167-20. This by-law is also adopted as part of the Loi modifiant la Loi sur le patrimoine culturel et d'autres dispositions législatives and will, among other things, specify the responsibilities of an owner with respect to the maintenance of heritage buildings and allow the Municipality to acquire a heritage building when a notice of deterioration has been registered in the land register for at least 60 days.


Authorization for Parking Bans on chemin Burnett and chemin Marie Burger

To improve safety on chemin Burnett and chemin Marie Burger, Municipal Council approved the installation of no parking signs on these streets. In fact, following several requests from residents of these two sectors and observing the problem of safety and access to residences in connection with parking along these streets, the Municipality has made the decision to prohibit parking. It should be noted that most of the cars parked on these sections are owned by people going to the river or wishing to use the NCC trails.


Change in Community Centre Rental Rates

At the regular meeting, Council accepted a request to change the rental rates for the community centre. Considering that these rates had not been revised in the last 6 years, the Municipality conducted a comparison of hall rental prices in the region and adjusted its prices for the rental of its community centres. The new rates allow Chelsea residents to obtain a reduced amount for rentals. In addition, organizations recognized by the Municipality will continue to be able to rent free of charge.


Tabling of the draft by-law to provide for the right of preemption

Council gave notice of motion of draft by-law 1245-22 on the right of preemption. This bylaw allows the Municipality to acquire immovables at a fair price for any project for the benefit of the community when it is for sale. Owners of previously identified properties will be individually notified that their property is subject to the right of preemption. This measure therefore makes it possible to acquire an immovable in priority when an owner wishes to sell it.

It should be recalled that this tabling follows the adoption of the Loi no 37 modifiant diverses dispositions législatives principalement en matière d'habitation, which was assented to on June 10, 2022 by the Government of Québec, allowing municipalities to exercise a right of preemption on immovables.

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