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Public consultation on access to the Gatineau river

January 18, 2021

On August 4, Municipal Council tabled a draft by-law respecting docks and conditions of occupancy of the municipal right-of-way along the Gatineau River. Following comments received on the importance of considering community access to the river in this matter, Council decided to proceed with a public consultation on the subject.

The Municipality of Chelsea is looking for three to four suitable locations for its residents to access the Gatineau River along the community trail.

To this end, the public consultation has been divided into three main themes :

  • site for swimming;
  • community dock and swimming;
  • boat launches and amenities.

For each proposal of the first two themes, a map indicating the location is available so that you can better understand what you are voting on. The choices proposed in this consultation were suggested by community members and municipal officials, but all participants are invited to submit a new proposal.* The public consultation will be followed by a feasibility study assessing the accommodations needed to ensure the suggested accesses are user-friendly and safe. Based on the results of this study, Council will make its final selection.

Protecting the tranquility of private property remains a priority for Council and the Municipality. As such, any community access will be in front of existing municipal lands or vacant spaces, to allow community trail users to enjoy the river without disturbing the neighbourhood.


Deadline to participate: February 18

*To submit a proposal, you must click on the “Create a proposal” option once logged in to Cocoriko.


How to Participate

The public consultation will take place via Cocoriko. This is the same platform that was used for the public consultation on the renewal of the Active Transportation Plan. To participate, residents are encouraged to create an account or log in to their existing account.