Tourist accomodation

On this page, you'll find the steps to follow to apply for a permit, the regulations and other relevant information to operate a short-term tourist accommodation establishment in your primary residence in full compliance.



A short-term tourist accommodation, facilitated by companies like Airbnb, involves renting at least one accommodation unit, such as a room, bed, apartment, or your entire residence, to travelers for compensation, for a duration of less than 31 days, or multiple stays of less than 31 days throughout the year.

This practice encompasses both primary and secondary residences rented on platforms such as Airbnb, Vrbo, Wimbu, and others.

  • Primary residence: A dwelling where you permanently and habitually reside, centralizing your family and social activities, and whose address corresponds to that indicated to the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Secondary residence: A dwelling where you do not permanently or habitually reside. It could be a vacation home (cabin), a second home, a part-time residence, or a place used intermittently. This distinction is crucial for municipal and provincial regulations, as it can influence property usage, allowed activities, and types of constructions on a given plot.


This distinction is important in the context of municipal and provincial regulations because it can influence how properties are used, the activities that are allowed, and the types of constructions that can be erected on a given piece of land.


The Municipality of Chelsea allows short-term tourist accommodations in:

  • primary residences, under certain conditions
  • a maximum number of primary residence establishments are allowed per zone based on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Municipality of Chelsea prohibits short-term tourist accommodations in:

  • secondary residences and cottages
  • secondary dwellings (granny suite)
  • secondary buildings (detached garages, sheds, workshops, sleeping cabins, guest houses, or any other construction serving a complementary purpose to the primary residence).


For further details, you may at all times consult the Corporation de l'industrie touristique du Québec (CITQ) and zoning by-law 1215-22 section 2.4.6.



1. Complete the following two forms:


2. Email both forms to An employee will confirm that your request is complete and send you an invoice. Please note that a response time of 10 working days applies.


3. Once your application has been approved, you will receive an invoice by e-mail. You can pay either :

  • In person at Town Hall. Payments by cheque, cash, debit, or credit card are accepted. 
  • By mailing a cheque payable to the Municipality of Chelsea. Please specify the reason for the payment, attach a copy of the invoice, or indicate the invoice number on the cheque.

4. An employee will analyze your request once the invoice has been paid. If everything is in order, the CITQ compliance form will be signed by the employee and forwarded to you. Please allow approximately 60 working days for processing.


5. Please send the Notice of Compliance signed by the employee to the CITQ at the following link: CITQ registration request. If everything is in order, CITQ will send you a registration certificate.


6. Once you have obtained your registration certificate from the CITQ, send a copy to the Municipality by e-mail at to obtain your certificate of authorization of use (business permit).


Do your part for safe and compliant accommodation.


1. Check the CITQ registration certificate. You can verify if the host of tourist accommodation has a valid certificate via the Bonjour Québec Website.

2. Report non-compliance. If you notice that a tourist accommodation does not comply with the rules, you can report it to Revenu Québec, either:


This page was last updated on October 12, 2023.

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