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If you are part of a community group, service, association or if you have a commerce in Chelsea, reserve a kiosk now! It's a great way to promote your activities or services at a low cost! Take the opportunity to have a registration or recruitment session, to do the launch or presentation of a new service or activity!


Deadline to reserve a kiosk: August 8, 2018


For detailed information, please contact Marie Danielle Michaud by phone at 819-827-6202 or by email at


Municipal initiatives for an active and healthy community! 

The Recreation, Sport, Culture and Community Life Department is proud and happy to present three initiatives which promote the development of abilities and basic movements permitting to get and integrate «physical literacy» has a healthy way of living. It is through games, fun activities and interesting trainings that we propose to gain all this, and at no charge! Learn what is «physical literacy» by clicking here.  

RECREATION ZONE, Fall-Winter 2018-2019 edition is now available !

The new Recreation Zone, including all the activities of the Municipality of Chelsea and the Meredith Centre, is out ! Discover a variety of courses for the whole family !  Download the program here.



Winter Trail Conditions | Latest update : April 13, 2018

1. Morrison career at the Cascades crossing
Not Favourable;

2. Cascades crossing at Burnett Road
Not Favourable;

3. Burnett Road at Kirk's Ferry Road.
Not Favourable;

4. Kirk's Ferry Road at Mill Road
Not Favourable;

5. Mill Road at Wallace Road
Not Favourable;

6. Wallace Road and South sector 
Temporarily closed

Important: The Spring Sun is getting stronger, South facing surfaces are losing a lot of snow.
The problem is most evident in the trail’s South (Mill to Wallace) and north ( Ramsay) areas, therefore skiers need to be alert as rocks are at the surface, along the length of the trail.

We invite you to visit the website regularly to learn about the Winter Trail conditions, which are updated every Friday afternoon during the season.

For more information, please contact the Recreation Department at 819-827-6228.



Please note that outdoor municipal rinks are officially closed for the season.

See you next year!



Earth Day


Folk PicNic in Meech Valley
Cultural Days

 Cultural Policy

Cultural Policy

Word from the Director

On behalf of the team, Marie Danielle, Anouchka, Amélie, Samuel and Sophie, the volunteers and myself, it is with pleasure that I welcome you to the Recreation, Sports, Culture, Library and Community Life section of this website.

An important part of our work is to inform residents of Chelsea of new recreation, sports, culture and community life activities as well as services and activities offered at the library. Furthermore, we inform residents of activities offered by Chelsea Community Groups supported under the umbrella of the Chelsea Policy on the Recognition and Support of Community Organizations.

We also offer a range of activities and quality learning experiences which are safe, accessible, diversified and adapted to the needs and characteristics of the community.

For several years now, we publish the activities program "Recreation Zone", which contains the list of courses offered by the Municipality, the Meredith Centre as well as the activities offered at the library and by Chelsea community groups.

The Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life Department also offers Community Hall rentals, which are ideal for events such as meetings, workshops, conferences, an event launch, benefit galas, receptions, etc. and all at competitive prices. We also have Sports Grounds to accommodate your soccer games, baseball and hockey matches.

The Meredith Centre also plays an important role in sports, dissemination and development of the arts in the Municipality. The center is however managed by an external organization, Chelsea Foundation. I invite you to visit their website and / or directly contact the center for further information about their activities.

In conclusion, the Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community life Team strives to offer Chelsea residents a program of recreational, sporting and cultural activities as well as community events in order to adequately meet the expectations and needs of a dynamic and constantly evolving population.

Ronald Rojas,
Director of the Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life Department



Woods for deer and gardens for gardeners!

Beautiful and graceful creatures, deer are loved by all but gardeners. Those voracious animals can, indeed, devastate a landscape planning in no time. Thus, it could be helpful to know witch plants are ignored by deer. Generally, deer avoid hairy or prickly foliage and stem, bitter taste, aromatic perfume and toxic plants.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of plants that deer dislike and that will embellish your garden or your backyard.

ANNUALS: Ageratum, silver ragwort, Papaver, Calendula, verbena and Zinnia.

PERENNIAL: Achillea, Aconitum, Alchemilla, Alyssum, Arabis, Artemesia, Aubrieta, Ajuga, Campanula, Dicentra, Digitalis, Festuca, most ferns, geranium, iris, lupine, grass, Nepeta, Stachys, Papaver, peony, Rudbeckia, Perovskia,

 SWEET HERBS: chives, fennel, lavender, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme.

SHRUBS AND TREES: Aralia, Buddleia, Crataegus, birch, Buxus, Elaeagnus, Cornus, Berberis, spruces, Ribes, Juniperus, pines, Potentilla, Spirea, Sambucus, Viburnum.

VEGETABLES: garlic, pumpkins, cucumbers, gourdes, onions, rhubarb

Yes, humans and deer can cohabitate with each other … not as intruders!

Suzanne Legros, horticulturalist