Revision of the electoral map of the Municipality

March 14, 2024

With a growing population, the Municipality of Chelsea is proposing to update the electoral map for the next municipal general election to be held on November 2, 2025.

This administrative process is done to ensure that the requirements of the Loi sur les élections et les référendums dans les municipalités are met. Each electoral district must be delineated so that the number of electors in the district is neither more nor less than 15% or 25% of the quotient obtained by dividing the total number of electors in the Municipality by the number of districts, unless approved by the Commission de la représentation électorale.


What is it about?

The Municipality must define the geographical boundaries of the electoral districts to draw up the electoral map. In the next municipal general election, electors will vote for one of the candidates running for councillor in their electoral district.


What is an electoral district?

An electoral district is the municipal equivalent of a provincial electoral division. The Municipality of Chelsea's electoral map is made up of six electoral districts, each with roughly the same number of electors.



The Municipality has defined the electoral map below and invites residents to consult the draft by-law establishing the boundaries of the electoral districts.

The draft by-law will be available for consultation:

  • On the Public Notices Web page 
  • The Municipality's social media  

If you disagree with this division proposed in the draft by-law, you have 15 days to express your opposition by writing to


If a sufficient number of people are opposed to the proposal (the specific numbers are set out in the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities), a public consultation will be held, during which you will have an opportunity to explain why you are opposed to our proposal.

For further information on municipal electoral districts, please consult the Commission de la représentation électorale pages on Élections Québec's website.


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