Temporary suspension of the dock by-law

Please note that the by-law concerning private docks on public land has been suspended until April 15, 2024 due to a lack of human and material resources to enforce it. Therefore, no applications will be processed until that date. The Municipality will prioritize the inspection of docks located on private property in 2023.

Only complaints about unsafe or nuisance docks will be addressed in 2023. The others will be listed, but will not be processed until the by-law is implemented in 2024.


By-law for private docks on municipal land


The objective of this by-law is to provide public access to the river for all residents and to support the protection of the riverbank. The by-law provides for three scenarios for which a permission to occupy and a dock permit can be obtained. These are described below on this page. 


Consult the by-law

Note: The by-law does not cover private docks on private land or private docks partially on the lots the Municipality acquired from Hydro-Québec.

Implementation: a plan by 2027


The Municipality plans a gradual implementation that will last until 2027. The first phase will take place in 2023 and will consist of an analysis and discussion phase with the groups of residents, residents and associations concerned.

No docks corresponding to one of the scenarios described in the regulation will be removed during this first phase. Only those property owners whose dock locations do not provide opportunities to obtain a licence of occupation or a dock permit will be notified to remove their docks.



No applications will be accepted until April 15, 2024.

Scenarios 1 and 2


Scenario 1 - Owners of property along Voie Verte whose property would be on the river if there were no Voie Verte.


Dispositions des quais - graphique 3.jpg



Scenario 2 - Owners of property on Chemin de la Rivière whose property would be on the river if there were no Chemin de la Rivière.

Dispositions des quais - graphique 4.jpg



Please note that other conditions also apply.

Scenario 3


Owners of docks on municipal land whose dock doesn’t qualify for occupancy authorization or a dock permit will be required to remove it or transfer it to the Municipality for conversion into a public dock.

Owners seeking to transfer a dock to the Municipality need to submit a brief to Planning and Sustainable Development showing that the dock qualifies under the conditions provided for in Section 2.6.2 of the By-law respecting docks and conditions of occupancy of the municipal land bordering the Gatineau River.

Council will then proceed on a case-by-case basis to decide whether to accept it.


Private docks on private land


Private docks on private land are required to be in compliance with the applicable regulations. Private docks are covered by the Zoning by-law and not the By-law respecting docks and conditions of occupancy of the municipal land bordering the Gatineau River.

A permit is required for any new construction. See the Permits and Certificates page for more details.

This page was last updated on May 4, 2023



Planning and Sustainable Development Department

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