Calendar of activities

In these exceptional times, health is obviously the priority for all residents. Chelsea's Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life Department has decided to make a calendar of activities available to citizens while respecting government recommendations.

This calendar will offer two activities per day covering several aspects such as: physical activity, nutrition, mental balance, culture, the outdoors and education. It is up to you to choose according to your tastes and interests.

In this time of uncertainty, it is important to take a moment to change your mind and your recreation department is not giving up and is offering this initiative to help you get through this challenging time!

Stay tuned every Monday, we will propose a new activity calendar.


Calender of activities


Monday, April 6 


Physical activity 

Spell your name workout. Spell out your full name and complete the activities listed for each letter for a greater challenge! Know more.


Learning workshop

School leave should not rhyme with learning leave! Today's lesson: Papermaking 101. Know more.


Tuesday, April 7


Reading time

Choose in the Chelsea Library Digital Collection! The collection include chapter books, YA and Adult novels and adult non-fiction. Know more.

Need help? We can help you! Contact us at 819-827-4019 or at



Try this virtual session of Yoga to help you feel better! Know more. 


Wednesday, April 8


Move more workshop

Darebee offers you exercises to do in the comfort of your living room. Know more.


DIY workshop

Why not make an Easter chick. Know more.  ​​​​​​


Thursday, April 9


Culture workshop

Several museums, zoos and aquariums offer virtual tours, activities or very interesting information capsules. Why not start with Louvre! Know more.


Physical activity

Why not take a 20-minute walk outside


Friday, April 10


Family cooking

Cook our Development Officer's favourites brownies! Know more.


Home cinema

Why not listen to our good Disney classics with Disney Plus free trial. Know more.

Here are the top 5 of our leisure team : 

1. The Little Mermaid

2. Lady and the Tramp

3. Lion King

4. Beauty and the Beast

5. 101 dalmatians


Saturday, April 11


Physical activity

Why not treat yourself to an outdoor workout! Know more.


For adults

Our friend Natalie Bovis, a best selling author and mixologist has prepared a cocktail class for each day of the week, just for our community! Natalie now resides in New Mexico. You can also join her Cocktail and Culinary Club on Facebook here.


Sunday, April 12


Educational digital

Here is a site that offers a multitude of educational games 8 - 13 years. Know more.


For adults

Try this top 10 Easter activities for families! Know more.

Monday, April 13


Physical Activity

Jays Care has launched daily challenges to help give kids across Canada fun and educational activities they can do from home. Know more.



This site offers young people a wealth of information on astronomy and space news. Know more.


Tuesday, April 14


Reading time

The Children's Library is a collection of electronic books, games, puzzles and resources to help you learn other languages.  Know more.


Coloring Games

Specifically for children. It has an easy to understand interface kids as young.​​​​​​ Know more.


Wednesday, April 15


Move more workshop

Health training specially designed for the needs of 50+ folks: Know more.


DIY workshop

In this abundance of toilet paper rolls, why not make it fun and useful!​​​​​​ Know more.


Thursday, April 16


Culture workshop

Several museums, zoos and aquariums offer virtual tours, activities or very interesting information capsules. Why not visit the British museum of London. Know more.


Physical activity

Active for life presents 49 physical activities to do with children from 2 to 4 years old. Know more.


Friday, April 17


Family Cooking

Know more.


Why not listen to some of Disney's new modern classics

Treat yourself to an evening of home cinema. Here are the top 5 of our leisure team. Know more.

  • Princess and the frog
  • Frozen I
  • Frozen II
  • Moana
  • Wreck it Ralph


Saturday, April 18


Why don't you go for a 30-minute run


National Poetry Month

30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month at Home or Online. Know more.


Sunday, April 19



Make a lemon volcano. Know more.


Why not start your own fine grass indoor garden.

Know more.

Monday, April 20


Physical Activity

A new way to experience GoNoodle with GoNoodle Games, a free app created to get kids moving at home. Know more.



Develop language skills by singing along to simple songs. Know more.


Tuesday, April 21



TeenBookCloud: A selection of Graphic Novels, Enhanced Novels, eBooks, Classic Literature, National Geographic videos, educational resources, and audiobooks. Know more.



Alte Nationalgalerie de Berlin: More than 600 paintings accompanied by a summary of their history are presented here.​​​​​​ Know more.


Wednesday, April 22


Move more workshop

To help you get moving, MonGymEnLigne offers Chelsea residents free unlimited access to over 400 online workouts in French. Thanks to their generosity, it will be possible for Chelsea residents to register on their platform and continue to move on a daily basis. The platform will remain free until April 30, 2020.Several other companies are offering this same type of access as a form of support. The Recreation Department and the Meredith Centre invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to get moving at home until normal activities resume. Know more.


DIY workshop

25 fun activities to do with your kids - DIY Kids Crafts and Games. Know more.


Thursday, April 23



Several museums, zoos and aquariums offer virtual tours, activities or very interesting information capsules. This week is Canadian Museum of History. Know more.


Physical activity

Initially intended for school children, this project initiated by Sylvain Émard of the dance school, Danse et Danse, in partnership with the Montréal school commission had the ambition to teach a choreography to Grade 6 and high school students. He has kindly opened the choreography to everyone: Know more.


Friday, April 24


Family Cooking

During Health Challenge Month, why not cook healthy meals as a family. Know more.


Why don't we listen to a family circus show

Video of the circus show Féria. Know more.


Saturday, April 25



Let’s treat ourselves to a family outdoors workout!

Play hide and seek in the backyard, strap on some skates, ride a bike, fly a kite be creative and have fun!


For grown ups

Let’s hit the refresh button on the fundamentals of cooking. Know more.


Sunday, April 26



Why don't we create a Play with the family?


Here are the 7 easy steps! 

1. Determine characters and locations

2.Determine the roles of each family member in the project.

3.Have the actors choose their characters

4.Leading a brain storm without restrictions

5.Leading a brain storm with restrictions

6.Compose the canvas

7.Composing the narrative


Play zone for the little ones

Know more.

Monday, April 27


Physical Activity

PlayWorks offer free activities created to get kids moving at home. Know more.



Develop your math skills. Know more.


Tuesday, April 28



Story Time: I'M BORED read-aloud by Michael Ian Black. Know more.



Free Activity Book to download and print. Know more.


Wednesday, April 29


Physical Activity

25 exercise games and indoor activities to get kids moving. Know more.


DIY workshop

Paper umbrellas. Know more.


Thursday, April 30


Poetry activity

On this Poetry Day why not do some creative poetry exercises and learn How to write an Haiku. Know more.



Tickles and Tunes : Songs, Games, and Fingerplays. Know more.


Friday, Mai 1st


Cooking Together

Harry Potter Snack Idea. Know more.


Harry Potter Night

Author J.K. Rowling and Pottermore Publishing launched the "Harry potter at Home" website. Lots of games and activities related to the Harry Potter series! Know more.


Saturday, Mai 2



Choose a training session on Darabee

Training for all according to your needs and available equipment. Know more.


Indoor camping night

Everything you need for a successful family camping evening. Know more.


Sunday, Mai 3



Royal Ontario Museum Educational Services (Toronto). Know more.



No Screen Activities

Know more.

Monday, May 4


Physical Activity

Toronto Blue Jays BaseBall Club offer free activities created to get kids moving at home. Know more.



Develop your memory skills. Know more.



FAMILY FUN: May the 4th be with you!


Today all across the globe, Star Wars fans celebrate May the 4th. Learn more here.

To celebrate this special day, Disney + will be releasing The Rise of Skywalker, the ninth and final movie in the Skywalker saga, which began in 1977. Dress in your favourite Star Wars character and have a watch party!


Tuesday, May 5


Story time

Stories and fables told in 5 different languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Know more.


Music Time

Splash’N Boots : music. Know more.


Wednesday, May 6 


Physical Activity

Cosmic Kids Yoga. Know more.


DIY workshop

Space activities and experiments. Know more.


Thursday, May 7



Monterey Bay Aquarium. Know more.



Virtual tour of the Governor General’s Rail Cars. Know more.


Friday, Mai 8


Family Cooking

21 fun and delicious recipes you can make with your kids. Know more.


Family Evening

Why not treat yourself to an offline evening of fun, play a board game!


Saturday, Mai 9



Choose a training session on Youtube

Training for all according to your needs and available equipment. Know more.


Super Bowl night in May!

Make your own Super Bowl evening. Gourmet Recipe, outdoor football game with your family. Have fun and be creative! Know more.


Sunday, Mai 10



Access Mars: A 360 degree view of the surface of Mars. Know more.



Writing activities

Confinement is the perfect time to write about our lives. Here are 10 creative writing exercises for writing beginners. Know more.


Monday, May 11


Physical Activity

The Pierre Lavoie Challenge team presents Bouge-toi l'cube, a new application to spice up your confinement! This application is designed for teens and adults who want to challenge themselves to get in shape! Available on Google Play and App Store. Know more.



Access to a School Bag, for High School students! Free until June 30th! Know more.


Tuesday, May 12


Story time

Choose something from the Chelsea Library Digital Collection: The collection includes Youth, Young Adults and Adult novels and non -fiction. Know more.

Need help? We can help you! Contact us at 819 827-4019 or at à


Music Time

Learn how to write Rap lyrics. Know more.


Wednesday, May 13 


Physical Activity

With the arrival of warm weather, you can challenge yourself to an outdoor workout with the Sporthèque Fitness Team. Know more.



Art workshop of your choice!

This collection of educational videos offers a multitude of resources for all types of arts.

Know more.


Thursday, May 14



Learn the Basics of Sign Language (LSQ). Know more.



Discover rock art. Know more.


Friday, May 15


Family Cooking

Time to make some Churros. Know more.


Family Evening

Why don't you prepare a Mexican Fiesta? Know more.


Saturday, May 16



Challenge yoursel, go walking, running or cycling for 1 hour​​​​​​. 


Family day

Organizing a thematic day in family. Know more.


Sunday, May 17


Activities for kids

This site contains videos, games, puzzles, mysteries, and animated stories that touch on a variety of fun. Know more.



Activities for kids

Making homemade Play Dough. Know more.

Monday, May 18


Physical Activity

Create your ideal day, if for one day you could do anything you wanted. Choose activities from the four categories to follow Canadian guidelines for 24-hour movement. Know more.



On this International Museum Day, tour the Canadian Virtual Museum. Know more.


Tuesday, May 19


Story time

Borrow books, from the Municipal Library without contact. This service is reserved for Chelsea residents only.  Know more.



Listen to a poem every day. Know more.


Wednesday, May 20


Physical Activity

Spell your name workout. Spell out your full name and complete the activity listed of each letter for a greater challenge! Know more.



The Royal Canadian Mounted Police offers a self-assessment to determine if your Internet use is safe. Know more.


Thursday, May 21



On this National Diversity Day, learn how to make a Tie-dye T-Shirt and promote your diversity through colour!​​​​​​​ Know more.



Discover which line of work suites you!​​​​​​​ Know more.


Friday, May 22



On this International Day for Biological Diversity, learn more about our country's wildlife. Know more.



Under the same theme, the Calgary Zoo invites you to see the Pandas. Know more.


Saturday, May 23



Treat yourself to an outdoor workout! Know more.



Take a virtual ride at home on the coasters and attractions of Canada's Wonderland. Know more.


Sunday, May 24


Activities for kids

Here is a site that offers a multitude of educational games 8 - 13 years. Know more.



Activities for kids

Let's discover Mars. Know more.

Monday, May 25


Physical Activity

Yoga time. Know more.



John Barkley presents his exhibition Moving Mountains in a virtual tour. Know more.


Tuesday, May 26


Story time

Choose from the Chelsea Library Digital Collection: Includes chapter books, Young Adults, Adult novels and Adult Non-fiction.  Know more.

Having trouble logging in? Contact us at 819-827-4019 or at


Story time

Quiz : What is your reader profile? Know more.


Wednesday, May 27


Physical Activity

How about an outdoor family workout? Play hide and seek in the backyard, put on your rollerblades, ride a bike, fly a kite, be creative and have fun!​​​​​​​



 Climate Atlas of Canada combines climate science, mapping and storytelling to make climate change issues more accessible to Canadians. It is designed to inspire local, regional and national actions that will move us from risk to resilience.​​​​​​​ Know more.


Thursday, May 28



Origami: playing and exploring emotions with a simple piece of paper and a pencil.​​​​​​​ Know more.



Éducaloi Offers Financial Education for High School Students. ​​​​​​Know more.


Friday, May 29



On this International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, learn more on their history. Know more.


Physical activities

Several examples of physical activities and recipes. Know more.


Saturday, May 30



May 30, 11 a.m. Johanne Lefebvre in collaboration with the National Arts Centre of Canada offers a song show for little ones. Know more.



Art therapy to disconnect from the digital and relax while drawing. Know more.


Sunday, May 31


Activities Learning

Learn more about food myths. Know more.



Activities for kids

Create a Stomp-style family musical performance. Know more.