Sustainable development

Sustainable Development Action Plan

Chelsea is the first municipality in the Outaouais region to create a sustainable development action plan. Thanks to the plan, the Municipality of Chelsea can say that it works to safeguard its community and the well-being of its residents. The objective is to keep Chelsea faithful to its history and natural landscapes. To do so, the Plan foresees multiple actions to balance the three key pillars of sustainable development: environment, social and economy.

After consulting residents through an online platform called Cocoriko, these objectives identified specific actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, better manage waste and the territory in a way that protects the fauna and flora. The Plan also envisages promoting social and intergenerational sharing of resources, local cultural development, and adoption of healthy living habits. On an economic point of view, the objective is to reduce our ecological footprint by also encouraging the local and collaborative economy.



In 2018, our Sustainable Development Action Plan won the prize Les Vertuoses, in the MRC and municipalities category. This contest recognizes the efforts of sustainable development in the Outaouais region. 


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