Speed Limits

The Municipality of Chelsea would like to inform its residents that we are currently working on the uniformization of speed limits. It is highly important to offer uniform speed  limits on roads with the same characteristics so the driver is able to adapt his driving habits based on expectations. Four roads types are identified in the road hierarchy such as the artery, the main collector road, the road district collector and the local road. The speed limit on local roads and district collectors is established at  40 km/h in order to ensure the safety of residents with speed limits reduced near waterfront properties. 

Please take note that in rural areas, speed limits of 30 km/h are only allowed in school zones. The Municipality has noticed illegal signs of 30 km/h outside of school zones. Those signs will be removed and replaced by regulatory speed limits (i.e. 40 km/h in residential neighboroods). This will allow the MRC police officers to apply the limits authorized by the Ministère des Transports du Québec.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to dial the public works phone line at 819 827-1160.

Regulations recently adopted by Council

These regulations shall come into force 90 days following its adoption, unless it was subjected to a disallowance notice published in the Gazette officielle du Québec by the Ministère des Transports.


Regulations adopted by Council and in force

Notice of promulgation of By-laws :

By-law 922-15 modifying the speed limit on Musie, Musie Loop, Southridge, Du Sentier, Des Pruches, Ojai, Old Trail, James, Arthur, Campagna, Klomac, Service, Ferguson (municipal part), Ashley, Sarah, Jasmin, Radapaw, Beamish, Cadillac, du Parc.

By-law 916-15 modifying the speed limit on Kingsmere Road between Swamp and the West limit of Kingsmere Road, Swamp and Barnes Roads, Montagne Road between Beamish and Townline Roads, Hudson, Padden, Nordik, Cecil, Boisjoli, Mill, Preston, de la Colline, Versant Sud, des Hauts-Bois, Boischatel, Beauséjour, Lonergan, Boland, Church, Gilmour Roads.

By-law No. 911-14 modifying the speed limit on Reid, Minnes and Boisé Roads.

- By-law No. 892-14 modifying the speed limit on Meech Lake Road between Lacharité Road and the Municipality’s  west limit

- By-law No. 900-14 modifying the speed limit on Juniper Road, Montée Juniper, place Juniper, Abri-du-bois, Lilas, Du Roc East and du Roc West

- By-law No. 901-14 modifying the speed limit on Notch Road

- By-law No. 902-14 modifying the speed limit on the following streets; Mcnally Road, Meredith, du Manoir and Terrasse du domaine (Chelsea park)