Financial planning


The Municipality initiated an innovative project in 2007, developing financial planning for the coming 10 years with input from residents. The process consists of defining the projects and investments needed to fulfill Chelsea’s mission. 
You will recall that two public consultations were organized in spring 2007 to inform residents about the municipal organization chart, achievements and investments of the past 10 years, investments planned for the next decade, how these investments will affect municipal debt and ultimately property taxes.
In fact, the financial plan reflects the major orientations defined when we drew up our 2005–2010 Master Plan, the preferred strategic planning tool for Chelsea. 
Following the 2007 meetings, Council called on residents to make their views of the plan public, organized a pre-budget meeting in December 2007, and then adjusted the plan according to the needs expressed and comments received. 

2008 Public meetings

Ttwo meetings for 2008 were held at Chelsea Elementary School on June 18 and 19, 2008.
The projects adopted and their potential effects on municipal debt were presneted. Here are the documents presented at the meetings: