Sustainable Development Action Plan 2025-2030

April 9, 2024

Take part in this exercise to learn more about your vision for sustainable development. Then, help us select and prioritize actions for the plan's renewal.


The project to renew the Municipality's Sustainable Development Action Plan (SDAP) aims to assess and improve the environmental, social, and financial impacts of municipal activities. It also aims to strengthen the sustainable development policy and draw up a medium—and long-term action plan for greater sustainability in the future.


The public consultation will be online until May 27, 2024.





UPDATE - MAY 15, 2024

The Municipality has revised the questions in the SDAP consultation following feedback on their complexity. The aim is to enhance clarity and accessibility. The Environment Department is committed to collaborating with residents to realize our vision for the future. We appreciate the responses received thus far and want to clarify that the adjustments made do not impact the prioritization process. All votes submitted prior to the changes will be considered alongside the rest after the consultation. Thank you for your participation.



Your involvement

Community involvement in the planning and implementation process is of the utmost importance. Take part in this online consultation to share your opinions, help us select the actions included in the 2025-2030 plan, and have your say on which actions should be prioritized in the SDAP.

Prioritizing aspects: This consultation allows you to prioritize certain aspects of sustainable development that are important to you, thus influencing the implementation of future actions and projects.

Proposing actions and comments: This consultation is your opportunity to propose and comment on the actions presented. Your ideas and feedback are essential to shaping a sustainable future for our community.



Online public consultation

The consultation is divided into four axes to understand the community's needs better.


Natural areas and biodiversity: This axis encompasses all actions aimed at protecting biodiversity and natural areas, as well as those promoting greening and responsible surface water management on the municipal territory.

Resilient development: This axis refers to the development of land and the built environment from a sustainable perspective.

Citizen life: This axis includes actions relating to citizens' daily lives, culture, the local economy, and transportation.

Human and sustainable management: This axis encompasses actions relating to internal personnel management, training and awareness-raising, citizen consultation and governance. Particular financing and eco-tax issues can be incorporated into this axis.



Create your Cocoriko account

Cocoriko is a public consultation platform designed right here in Chelsea. You can ask questions, comment on proposals, and submit your own ideas. To do so, create an account using your e-mail address or Facebook account (whichever you prefer).


Sign up for Cocoriko




Renewal process

The SDAP renewal is a significant project the firm LCL Environnement supports. Here are the SDAP 2025-2030 steps to better understand its scope.


Assessment of the SDAP 2018-2021: We are undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of the SDAP for the 2018-2021 period to learn from it and identify areas for improvement.

Revision of vision and directions: We will revise our sustainable development vision and directions for the coming years. based on lessons learned and new priorities.

Proposing new projects and actions: Based on our revision, we will propose new concrete projects and actions to be implemented as part of our new SDAP. Residents' participation is important to establishing the best collective vision.

Developing an internal monitoring tool: Following the online public consultation, we will develop an internal monitoring tool to assess our progress and adjust our actions accordingly.



About the SDAP 2018-2021

The Municipality adopted its first SDAP in 2018. Although the latter has come to an end, the plan included several actions that are ongoing activities, either through awareness-raising among residents or:

  • Encouraging active and recreational transportation and developing multifunctional trails
  • Encouraging transport optimization and alternatives to the car
  • Improving green waste and organic matter management
  • Raise residents' awareness of the benefits of forests and ecological grounds maintenance
  • Improve rainwater and groundwater management
  • Control invasive exotic species
  • Preserve natural environments of high ecological value
  • Promote social and intergenerational diversity
  • Enhance public spaces
  • Pursue municipal radon mitigation efforts to ensure a healthy living environment in households


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Environment Department

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