Water Quality

Chelsea residents depend mainly on private wells for their water supply. The Municipality of Chelsea has therefore set up the H2O Chelsea program, which offers residents the opportunity to have their well water tested at very competitive costs.

In addition, the program includes a monitoring component for the water quality of Meech Lake, Kingsmere Lake, Mountains (Beamish) Lake, the Gatineau River, and the main streams of its territory (Chelsea, Meech).

It is recommended to test the quality of your well water once or twice a year. Spring (snowmelt) and fall (heavy rainfall) are the ideal times to do so.

Often the contamination of water by bacteria will not change its taste, odor or color. Other physico-chemical parameters (e.g. nitrates, uranium, iron, etc.) also have potential effects on health or water use. The only way to be sure of the quality of your water is to have it tested by a certified laboratory.

To learn more about the program and the different types of tests available for sale, visit the page dedicated to the well and the H2O program.

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