Air Quality

Air quality in the house is an important factor to consider since we spend most of our time inside. Did you know that there are different sources of pollution that can affect you? 

  • Water infiltration and mildew
  • Asbestos present in building materials
  • Mould, moisture and poor ventilation
  • Carbon monoxide emission from the vehicle
  • Smoke from a fireplace or wood stove
  • Carbon monoxide emitted by combustion appliances, tobacco and cannabis smoke
  • Radon infiltration


Actions to do


  • Resolve water infiltration
  • During work, check the sources of asbestos
  • Ventilate the rooms
  • Do not leave a vehicle running in the garage
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector
  • Reduce wood heating
  • Avoid smoking indoors
  • Check the proper functioning of combustion appliances
  • Measure radon


Source: Government of Québec




To learn more about the quality of air in your house, we invite you to consult these various resources:

Government of Canada

Government of Québec

Association pulmonaire du Québec


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