Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change Advisory Committee


ESCCAC meetings 


The Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change Advisory Committee meetings are held via videoconference through the Zoom digital platform. 

The public is invited to attend the live question and answer session beginning at 6:30 p.m. The remainder of the meeting is closed to the public.

To participate in the question period, simply click on the link identified below and follow the instructions to access the meeting. 


Date of the next meeting: 

Question period: 6:45 p.m.




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The Environment, Durability and Climate Change Advisory Committee (EDCCAC) works to maintain the quality of life of Chelsea residents for current and future generations, to protect and enhance the environment, to promote sustainable development, to preserve territorial boundaries, and to adapt to and combat climate change.


  • Elected member of council:

    • Rita Jain - Chair and District 5 Councillor
    • Dominic Labrie - District 2 Councillor
  • Members of the community:

    • Michelle Comeau
    • Benoit Delage
    • Jonathan Lamarre-Régnière
    • Jean-Denis Frechette
    • Nicole Lulham
    • Guglielmo Tita
    • Pierre Bilodeau
  • Municipal employees

    • Mélanie Lacroix - Environment and Sustainable Development Coordinator
    • Melissa Chabot - Environment and Sustainable Development Officer

January 24th

February 21th

March 21st

April 25th

May 16th

june 20th

July 18th Cancelled

August 22nd

September 19th - Cancelled

October 24th

November 14th - Cancelled

December 19th

January 24
February 21
March 21 Agenda Minutes
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Archives 2021

January 25th

February 15th: cancelled

March 22nd

April 19th

May 17th

June 14th: cancelled

July 19th: cancelled

August 16th: cancelled

September 20th

October 18th: cancelled due to municipal elections

No meetings in November

December 20th: cancelled due to municipal elections


May 17
To come.
April 19
March 22
To come.
January 25

Archives 2020

January 27th (cancelled)

February 17th (Postponed to 25 February)

March 23rd (by teleconference)

April 27th (cancelled)

May 25th (Postponed to May 27)

June 15th

July 20th (cancelled)

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Archives 2018-2019

February 18

March 25

April 15 (cancelled)

May 27

June 17 (cancelled)

August 19

September 16 (cancelled)

October 21

November 18 (cancelled)

December 16


Please note that this calendar contains potential dates that may be subject to change.


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