Planning and sustainable development advisory committee


Important notice regarding the next PSDAC meeting


Due to the exceptional circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, please note that the Planning and sustainable development advisory committee meeting will be held via videoconference through the Zoom digital platform.

You can send any questions related to the agenda to and provide contact information.

The public is invited to assist live to the question period.  To ask a question, simply select the raised hand symbol.  The Chair of the PSDAC will then give the floor to each person one at a time. Afterwards, members will proceed with the assessment of the applications in camera.

To participate, simply click on the link identified below and follow the instructions to access the meeting.





The PSDAC provides recommendations to Council on matters concerning land use planning, including:

  • Minor exemption requests
  • General development plans
  • Preliminary subdivision proposals
  • Site planning and architectural integration programmes
  • Protection and enhancement of the natural environment
  • Requests to amend the Planning By-laws

The Land Use Planning and Development Act specifies that a planning and advisory committee must be composed of at least one member of the Council.  The committee is also made up of citizens. Municipal civil servants from the Planning and Sustainable Development Services also play a key role in assisting members of the committee and take part in the PSDAC meetings but they are not considered members and have no voting privileges. The Committee represents an important intermediate between the taxpayer and Council. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings will be held by videoconference until further notice.

  • Elected members of council:

    • Simon Joubarne - Chair and District 1 Councillor
    • Kay Kerman - District 4 Councillor
  • Members of the community:

    • George Claydon
    • Benoit Delage
    • Nicole Desroches
    • Hervé Lemaire
    • David Maloney
    • Marc Monette
    • David Stansen
  • Municipal employees:

    • Nicolas Falardeau - Acting Director of the Planning and Sustainable Development Services
    • Michel Beaulne - Section Head - Inspections and Permits
    • Caroline Jean - Acting Coordinator
    • Hélène Cyr - Executive Secretary of the Planning and Sustainable Development Services

Committee meetings are held monthly, on the Wednesday following the Council meeting, in the basement boardroom of the Chelsea Library, located at Town Hall.  The meeting is open to the public; doors open at 6:45 pm.

  • January 13th
  • February 3rd
  • March 10th
  • April 7th
  • May 5th
  • June 2nd
  • July 7th
  • August 4th: cancelled
  • August 11th
  • September 8th
  • October 6th
  • None in November
  • December 8th
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September 8 Agenda To come.



Applications must be filed with the Planning and Sustainable Development Services.  Given the unique nature of each request, no fixed timetable can be provided.  Factors that influence the speed of processing an application may include:

  • The type of project, its size and complexity
  • The number of pending applications
  • Ability to provide complete information


Steps involved in the application process:

In order to study a request, all relevant information and documents must be provided.

The application shall be reviewed and based upon the nature and complexity of the project, it may require to be presented beforehand to other departments/committees for their opinion, for instance:

  • Public Works and Infrastructure Department
  • Natural Resources Advisory Committee
  • Recreation, Sports, Culture and Community Life Committee
  • Fire Department


If needed, following the outcome of the pre-analysis (expect additional lead-time).​​​​​​​

All other information or documentation deemed necessary to have a better understanding of the project (expect additional lead-time).

Once the application is deemed complete, a detailed report is prepared for the PSDAC.  The application is then assessed by members of the PSDAC who will issue a recommendation to Council.  We will contact you when a date is set to present to the Committee.


A draft resolution is submitted to council for a final decision.  

We will contact you when a date is set to present to council.

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Archives 2020

Committee meetings are held monthly, on the Wednesday following the Council meeting, in the basement boardroom of the Chelsea Library, located at Town Hall.  The meeting is open to the public; doors open at 6:45 pm.

  • January 15
  • February 5
  • March 11
  • April 8 (Cancelled due to Covid-19)
  • May 6 (Exceptionally by web-conference)
  • June 3 (Exceptionally by web-conference)
  • July 8 (Exceptionally by web-conference)
  • July 15 - Extraordinary (Exceptionally by web-conference)
  • August 5 (Exceptionally by web-conference)
  • September 2 (Exceptionally by web-conference)
  • October 7 (Exceptionally by web-conference)
  • November 4 (Exceptionally by web-conference)
  • December 2 (Exceptionally by web-conference)
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