Public consultation:  MADA

Presented by Des Collines Seniors’ Roundtable in collaboration with Chelsea Municipality

Chelsea resident over 50 years old ?

We want to hear from you !

This consultation will present the global results of the survey answered by seniors and the Municipality of Chelsea wishes to collect more comments to get a better idea on what services, activities or initiatives to set in place in order to improve the quality of life of Chelsea’s seniors.

Thursday, February 5th at 7pm

Meredith Centre (23 Cecil Road)

Pastries and coffee will be served.

Participation prizes will be offered.

Hoping to meet you there!




Life in Chelsea means living in a community where you can maintain or improve your quality of life, get access to information easily, find services and programmes that are useful and relevant, and involve yourself in community projects and initiatives that interest you. Living in Chelsea means enjoying a semi rural environment in a municipality that welcomes citizens of all ages, and that acknowledges and respects the contribution of every one of them.




Our goal is to develop a policy that spells out the role of the Municipality in meeting the needs and aspirations of seniors, whether directly or in partnership with other government agencies, institutions or community groups.


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Senior's Policy

Action Plan

Press release - November 14, 2012