Subscription & Library rules

Library card

Every resident of Chelsea is entitled to free membership in Chelsea Library.*  Members are issued a bar-coded library card to be used when borrowing library materials.  Your library card identifies you as a member of the Library and using it avoids the possibility of error in checking out books. 

If your card is lost or stolen a fee of $3.00 will be applied to issue a new one.

You are responsible for all items borrowed on your card.  Do not lend it to another person.

*In rare circumstances such as major unpaid fines, books not returned and not reimbursed, or seriously inappropriate behaviour, a person may be barred from Library membership


How to get a Library card

Come to the Library during open hours and bring proof of residence (hydro or telephone bill) and photo identification (driver’s licence, health card or student card). A driver’s licence will fulfill both requirements.

Examples of eligible identification:

  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • Quebec Health Insurance Card
  • Student card with photo

Examples of proof of eligible residences:

  • Driver's license
  • Recent invoice (less than three months old)
  • School or municipal tax notice (most recent)
  • Recent bank statement or credit card statement (less than three months old)
  • Student card with address


If your card is lost or stolen, an amount of $3.00 will be required to issue you a new one.

Borrowings and renewals


A maximum of 25 items (any combination of materials) may be borrowed at one time, including items which have been previously checked out and renewed items.

With a few exceptions, all materials borrowed from the Library are on loan for a period of 21 days. The loan period may be extended (renewed) three times.


Items that can only be borrowed for 7 days:

  • Museum passes
  • Gatineau Park cross-country ski pass
  • Snowshoes
  • Thematic Backpacks

This period can be extended three times.
Exception: the loan period for items at the Hollow Glen library is four weeks.


There are no renewals permitted for :

  • Museum passes
  • Gatineau Park cross-country ski pass
  • Snowshoes
  • Thematic Backpacks
  • For periodicals
  • For inter-library loans
  • For materials which have been reserved


Book returns

You may use the Town Hall drop-off box to return books when the Library is closed. The drop-off box is located behind the Library, at the side entrance to municipal offices.

You are responsible for all borrowings on your card, including the timely return of all items.  These must be returned in the same condition as when they were borrowed  Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine to cover the cost of replacing and cataloguing lost or damaged items. 

Parents are responsible for loans made by their minor children. 


Any item in the Chelsea Library collection which is currently in use may be reserved except magazines and thematic backpack.

You will be notified by telephone as soon as it becomes available. If the item is not picked up within one week of the notification it will be passed to the next person on the reservation list or returned to the shelves.


Please specify if you prefer to pick up your reservation at the Hollow Glen branch.


Passes and snowshoes cannot be reserved online or by the same person more than once a month. It is also impossible to put yourself on a waiting list for these items.



Due to high demand, the Canadian History Museum card (which includes the War Museum) can only be booked once every three months. 

Due to the different loan periods for the Hollow Glen branch, and class visits, the three-week deadline may not be met for the reservation and retrieval of certain documents.

Lost and damaged items

Any item more than three months overdue is considered lost.

Replacement costs include the current price of the item plus a $5.00 processing fee.

Materials which have suffered more than normal wear and tear, eg. materials which are dirty, sticky, marked, water damaged, mouldy, torn, chewed or otherwise defaced and which in the judgement of Library staff cannot be loaned again, must be replaced as if they were lost.

The client will incur a charge of $ 20 to replace a lost museum pass.

Interlibrary loans


Books may be borrowed by special request through interlibrary loans. Once notification has been made, the book must be picked up promptly and may not be renewed.


Please note that only donations of books that were published within the last 3 years are accepted.

We are happy to consider donations for our collections using the same criteria used when buying new materials.  Donations that are not included in our collection will be given to another institution, recycling or sold to add to our materials acquisitions budget. 

We do not issue tax receipts for donations of used materials.

The Chelsea Library thank you for your donations.

Library conduct

Chelsea Library offers the community a quiet, welcoming environment in which to read, study, learn and discover.  Except for special events and activities, members and visitors are expected to speak softly. If you must use a cell phone please step out of the Library into the hall.

Parents or care-givers are responsible for the behaviour of their children. Children must not run or climb or be left unattended.  Library staff is unable to supervise them and provide for their safety.

Consideration for others results in a positive experience for all.

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