Municipalize a road

Municipalisation of private roads offers undeniable advantages to owners, such as reduced annual maintenance costs (e.g. snow removal, leveling, dust suppressant, etc.), as well as improved citizen safety through better access to Emergency services to residences.

Each step is detailed in the document entitled, "Policy for the Municipalisation of Private Roads" (French only).

The aim of this municipalisation policy of private roads is to clarify the different stages and requirements concerning the procedure for the municipalisation of private roads. Citizens who live on a private road can now print the petition request form, have it signed and present it at a council meeting.

The costs associated with this procedure will be borne by the concerned property owners in the sector but may be part of a borrowing by-law that is typically spread over a period of up to 30 years as a local improvement tax.



By-law number 949-15 on the implementation of municipal works establishes the measures for carrying out municipal works, in particular the procedure to be followed, the standards required, and the different methods of payment for such works. It applies to the construction of municipal works throughout the territory under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Chelsea. 

Included as an integral part of the By-law for all purposes:

  • APPENDIX A: Map of the urban sector (urbanization perimeter)
  • APPENDIX B: Road Construction Standards for Municipal Roads
  • APPENDIX C: Road Construction Standards for Private Roads
  • APPENDIX D: Materials Permitted for Construction of Municipal Works

Public Works and Infrastructure Department

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